Summer 1220, Chapter 3: Midsummer Madness

Iapetus is MOST thankful for the man's kindness, and shall be quite steadfast at his assigned duties of protecting the individuals! The Spaniard magus will sing a soft and cheerful song of the open road and good fortune in his native tongue when the area is open and the road is clear, and when the area is more dangerous-looking and ambush-prone, Iapetus shall maintain a ready and watchful silence with his well-worn mace both ready and obvious. "I must give the utmost of compliments to you sir," he says to the old man at some point in the travel when the day is good. "Your daughter is beautiful as a perfect twilight, and when she smiles, the world does pause to watch. Where I come from, it is considered rude not to compliment a thing of beauty. I know I am not the most likeable of sorts, so give my compliments to you, so as not to irritate her with my prattle. I am sure she hears these words most often." This is of course clearly said at a time where the young daughter has a chance to hear it.
Throughout the travel, Iapetus is conscious of his lack of gentle Gift, and does not press his company on either of them, though he does utilize his gift for singing. Though not a masterful singer, he does have a unique natural talent for inspiring emotions.

The Spaniard magus will walk into the festival with a whistle and a happy spring in his step, looking around and admiring the sights. Iapetus walks the entire festival grounds twice before finally deciding where to go. His first stop is of course wherever the most beautiful women are, which is likely the faerie musicians or perhaps the dancers, with his preferences for the latter if it is in contention. Then he'll go to the other musical entertainments, making judicious chances to talk and carouse with anyone who will let him.

Rhodri will wait until his guest arrives to take part in the festivities. He will make sure he has cleaned up ahead of time as best he can, quite the rarity.

Tabanus washes up and attends the party with both of his pupils. He'll try to enjoy the festivities, but stays close enough to keep an eye on his charges feeling responsible for them so long as they're under his care...

Aequi is all about the socializing and blithely ignores the dirty looks and flat attitudes as he tries to use his natural loquaiciousness to get around the effects of the Gift. He'll probably stay no more than 30 minutes at each event before moving on - he spends the most amount of time perusing the two peddlers for any special, unrealized "gems" (though I don't think we really have all that much free mundane resources, do we?)

[size=85]((OOC:: btw, am I able to improve on the mundane resources, or am I spending my spare time in the lab extracting vis?)[/size]

Attravere will take to the festival with special gusto. He'll feast, socialize, entertain the ladies, look to met other social magi from the tribunal (or abroad, if there are any), hear the bards tell tales and play, view the wares of any traveling merchants, and carouse some the evenings.

He'll seek word of Liliana and Sanno and make it a point to greet them if they are around.

That would be Robert and the Rowdy Riders. Their lyrics are either thinly veiled sexual euphemisms, or they're not even bothering with euphemisms at all.

Sinmore observes some very inebriated young women who seem prepared to disappear into the woods with Robert and friends.

The peddler's eyes narrow at Iapetus' praise. "I'll only warn you once, traveller. Stay away from my daughter. Magus or no, you will regret touching her for as long as you live."

The daughter, however, shyly introduces herself as Leia, and flirts shamelessly.

The most beautiful women are, by far, the dancers. They seem to be of some sort of Eastern European origin, and they dance only to the sound of the jingling bells attached at their wrists and ankles, making their own peculiar style of music as they dance. One dancer in particular is lovely beyond comparison, and as she takes the stage dancing solo, Iapetus feels something ping off his parma. The rest of the crowd is completely enthralled.

A knock sounds at Rhodri's door precisely two minutes past sunset. The faerie knight is there, dressed in some kind of shimmering silver cloth that drapes simply yet elegantly around her curves, lending a distinctly feminine appearance to her muscular figure. Two fire opals dangle from her ears, and an enormous diamond hangs from a silver chain, nestled between her smallish breasts. Her golden curls have been swept up off her neck and pinned to her head with tiny diamond clips, exposing sun-darkened skin highly atypical for sidhe nobility.

The knight smiles as she sees Rhodri, and gestures. The mockingbird flies into the room and opens up his velvet bag again, this time revealing a miniature bellows, small enough for a child to manage. "A gift from Sir's lady mother," the bird announces formally.

The knight (lady?) of the Golden Locks extends an arm. "Shall we?"

Tabanus probably wants to avoid the dancers and most of the musicians, due to the suggestive nature and the age of his pupils :slight_smile: Perhaps a trip to the fortune teller?

Aequi experiences no ill effects of his Gift during the festival, strangely enough. Given that, where does he choose to linger?

Attravere notices that his Gift isn't affecting people as it usually does, and has a grand time. He sees some magi he recognizes-- Fabricor of Verditius is here with Jonaquil of Merinita (looks like a date, too); Fredegisa of Guernicus is watching the play actors perform a satire about the Holy Roman Emperor; you see a hulking magus who meets the description of Urgen Bjornaeris, from Crintera; the lovely Findabair of Ex Miscellanea is haggling with a peddler. Additionally, all the Redcaps of Stonehenge seem to be here, along with Isabelle d'Arras of Normandie, and a few Rhine and Rome Redcaps you recognize but whose names you can't think of off the top of your head.

The peddlers have all sorts of junk and treasures which would take a whole day to sort through alone.

Sanno is drunk and hitting on a young gypsy girl. Liliana is off in the woods by herself, and seems to be casting some kind of ritual nearby, but it's nothing you recognize-- probably some kind of faerie magic, because if it was a Hermetic ritual, you'd know.

After her third mug she'll grab some food and help herself, enjoying the music and atmosphere by this band. Once done she'll eye one of the smaller men of Robert's Riders and approach with an extra mug.

"Ye must be thirsty after such a song, care to have one with me?" she asks and doesn't wait but practically thrusts the mug into his hands, standing in front of some of the more dainty women folk.

((Are we in an area that we have to dress in those yellow robes and shoes? If so, she's wearing one she had laundered so it should be clean. If not she'll be in one of the few nice outfits that she has, a red velvet and poofy dress that her parens gave her, embroidered with yellow firey hourglasses))

Sinmore is rewarded with the biggest "deer-in-the-headlights" look she's ever seen. The fiddler takes the drink, sniffs it carefully, and sips as though he thinks it might be poisoned.

Sinmore makes a loud and hearty laugh and playfully gives him a chuck to the chest. "Ha! Ye sing about drinking better than ye actually drink! Come on man, with a will about ye!" she yells and lifts her own mug and takes a long drink and wipes the froth off her lips on the back of her hand.

Upon seeing her Rhodri gives the same reduced bow he gave earlier to her. When the bird flies in he calls to an assistant "Go get some more oats and peas for our esteemed friend!" To the bird he says, "That is quite a lovely gift!"

"You are beautiful as always, my lady. Yes, we shall in deed. Come enjoy our hospitality." Rhodri spares a glance to make sure the servant has gone about getting the oats and peas. He takes the Knight of the Golden Locks's arm when offered and walks her casually toward the festivities.

Due to a poor Carouse and a good Strength check, Sinmore's playful shove sends the fiddler sprawling into the dirt, spilling the ale all over himself as he lands on his back with a grunt. Raucous laughter ensues. Another musician does not laugh, however, but sets his bodhran down carefully and interposes himself between Sinmore and the humiliated musician. "Leave my friend alone," he utters quietly.

The bird preens. "It produces much more bellow-ing than a normal sized bellows and it can be worked by anyone, regardless of their strength. Even I could do it." The servant runs off for oats and peas.

Rhodri finds the Knight (Lady?) to be a gracious and polite date. Many smallfolk (mundanes, even) greet her with deference and respect, as one might their own lord. She defers with a smile to every suggestion Rhodri makes, and she laughs at all his jokes. Towards the end of the night, she takes his arm and whispers, "I hoped we might visit the fortune teller..."

Rhodri enjoys his company and himself. It's nice to get out of the workshop once in a while. To her suggestion he replies,"Sure, I would be happy to. Do you know this particular fortune teller by name or reputation?"

Mostly amongst the two peddlers when he's on his own during the day. In the evening, he'll try to find Lamentus and see if he's at all interested in visiting the fortune teller. If not, he'll try to find any semi-permanent gathering of Mercare Redcaps. If they've all split to the four winds to enjoy individual wiles, he'll end up listening to the band composed fully of faeries and carouse/relax to the music.