Summer 1222 Tribunal: Policy and Protocol

Iulia approaches Cygna on the way into the Tribunal amphitheater: "Remember, we will require all your covenant's votes today if we are to drop vis rights claims."

Guglielmo stands and calls Tribunal to order, and calls out, "The Tribunal recognizes Fredegisa scholae Guernicus."

A bookish brunette stands and takes the dais. "Thank you, William. Amici, Englishman, sodales-- lend me your ears. I come to revitalize Stonehenge, not to overturn it. As things stand, the political power of this Tribunal is all centrally located. In order to promote a harmonious Tribunal, where we may come together as equals, I have a number of proposals to place before you today.

"Item One: Location of Tribunal. I pose that, rather than have a single location where Tribunal shall be annually, the location shall rotate every seven years on a bid system. Any location which wishes to host the Tribunal will make their proposals at the preceding Tribunal; the bid should outline the facilities and resources the bidding covenant would invest into the Tribunal activities. Any number of covenants may bid in a single year, and the one receiving the greatest number of total votes shall be the location of the next Tribunal."

The amphitheater is awash in whispers, but Fredegisa continues unfazed.

"Item Two: Tribunal Praeco. By law the praeco is the eldest magus whose legal residence is on record at that Tribunal. As such, the esteemed Talion of Flambeau is recognized for the great service he has done this Tribunal by acting as Praeco, however, Scintilla Flambonis is directly committing a Low Crime by refusing the responsibility. While I do not propose any criminal prosecution for this matter, I do insist that she fulfill the duties required her, such that--" She is interrupted by the sound of someone clearing her voice, loudly.

Up in the amphitheatre, previously unnoticed, stands a tiny old woman with crinkled sun-brown skin and snow white hair. "Actually, you're all out of order. That's my seat you're in there, sonny, and if you get out of it, it better be to make room for me."

This time the amphitheater erupts in talk-- those with Awareness checks of 9 or better can pick out of the noise that many believe the tiny old woman to be Immanola, the Prima of Ex Miscellanea, previously believed to be in Final Twilight. She can be recognized directly (from old descriptions) as Immanola on an Order of Hermes + Int roll of 15.

Before the second day of Tribunal starts, Cygna will touch base with her convenmates to ensure that they're all on the same page and are going to vote for all the provisions that Fredegisa will be putting forth. ((As near as I can tell, Attravere is the only one who's posted anything that might be problematic...but I'll wait to see what he says when Cygna approaches him about it.))

[i]((Awareness Check: Per 0 + Awareness 2 + die roll of 7 = 9, 10 if it's Sight.

Order of Hermes Lore Check: Int 4 + OoH Lore 1 + die roll of 0 (Botch check is a 4) = 5.))[/i]

When Cygna speaks to him of the matter, "I won't be voting. Members of my house rarely, if ever, vote. I was only able to vote for the ratification of the March because wince Bethany was... involved."
Attravere pauses, looks down and takes a deep breath before raising his head to say, "Once your business with those... markings is done, we need to talk, you and I."

Sinmore hands over her sigil midway between hearing the explanation for the vote, it's clear she has not much of an idea what it's about. The sigil is the hilt and handle of a great word with a melted nub of metal where the blade once was (perhaps this was an early version of her 'Little Sister').

"Use it however you wish Sodale, it'll be wiser used in yer hands than mine, use it in other votes too if ye wish. Good luck in your trial, I haven't been able to follow much of it, was I involved at all in this from back at the Baron's castle?" she leans in close. "If ye need someone quieted or taken care of, let me know." she plants a fist into her palm and pushes, causing a grotesque popping noise, almost like little rocks falling on a marble floor as the knuckles on her enormous hands crack. "I've done it in the past when the need arose." she adds with a wink.

Iapetus will seem a bit distracted, not QUITE bored for the explaination of the political intrigues going on. He'll tap his fingers lightly on his opposite arm and say, "My dear Sodales. I am Tytalus, though I do not always seem such. If you wish my support in this matter, you will need to win it in a long debate or a short certamen. I am quite happy to accept either challenge, of course."

Since we've been in the same covenant for a long while, you're likely aware Iapetus is a terrible debater. Honestly, he doesn't handle politics well, and is looking for a good excuse to hand the decision over to you.

Tektonius awareness roll: total of 13
Tektonius's OoH Lore check: Exploder die so 5+1+2*10 of 26.
Tektonius has no particular dog in any of this, but he is interested by the interplay of politics on an academic level.

[color=red]"Short certamen, then. The Tribunal will be reconvening shortly, and I've not the time to sway you off the fence. If I win, you support Iulia in the proposals before the Tribunal."

((I think Iapetus is the aggressor here, and thus would choose the Technique, while Cygna would choose the form? If so, her first choice will be Herbam.))

I think Cygna's the challenger. Iapetus basically said, "Make me," and Cygna said "OK!"

Cygna looks at Attravere, then hangs her head. She swallows, and nods. [color=red]"Yes."

Okay, in that case: [color=red]"Creo, I choose you!"

So. Been going over the roster of magi from Gallus Florensis, making sure I've got my ducks in a row, so to speak. Looks like I've gotten support from everyone who can vote (pending a possible smackdown on Iapetus).


I notice that Liliana (which I had already noticed) and Tabanus have yet to make their presence felt here. (Aequi, I see, was decided to be in a Twilight episode, for he's accounted for). Are they here? If not, why, and is anyone holding their sigils for the Tribunal?

Liliana left in Spring to track down Rhodri; he's been gone over a year, and no one in the local court has heard from Rhodri's girlfriend, the Knight of the Golden Locks. She would not have given her sigil to anyone before she left, as she wasn't planning to be gone a whole season.

Tabanus is present, I believe.

After the Tribunal has ratified the Wizard's March of Adorjan Megidézó a page visits both Heims and Cygna with receipts for payment of their contempt fines. On the receipt it is attributed to a magus named Tektonius. ((This presumes that no more vis fines are handed out, there is a limit to his generosity)).

((Does Cygna know who this "Tektonius" is?))

Nope. Receipt says he's a Bonisagus whose place of residence is Durenmar.

Nope. Receipt says he's a Bonisagus whose place of residence is Durenmar.

No problem for Hiems. He agreed before, and he agrees even more now.
And he trusts cygna's wisdom, which comforts him in his decision (yes, he has this totally deformed vision of cygna, this is quite fun)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This is quite strange, indeed.
Hiems will seek out this Tektonius.
Once he finds him
Salve, sodales.
My name, as you may have guessed, is Hiems Ex Miscellanea.
I just received your receipt, and wanted to meet you, and thank you heartily for it.
But, pardon me, I am quite puzzled. This is very generous, and far for me to be ungrateful, but why would you pay the debts of a magus, a foreigner at that, that you don't even know? This is a most noble gesture, but, surely, whatever your wealth, you must feel the weight of such an heavy fine. I am not sure I can accept this, despite the relief to myself

Tektonius introduces himself, "Tektonius filius Methuselah doctrinae Bonisagi ab Oxford" ((correct me gently))

Tektonius appears to be a bit uncomfortable, "I could see by your expression, that she means a great deal to you, and while you were entirely out of line in speaking out, the fine was egregiously excessive. My grandparens would be appalled at such a fine, when a pawn or two would get the message across. I felt the greater good would be served by taking care of your fine on your behalf. The entire matter is a stain on my House, and I wish for those in Stonehenge to know that one such as that diabolist are extremely uncommon in my House. Sometimes the hearts of men are touched by evil from the beginning, and sometimes the lust for power turns men away from higher paths. As to whether you can accept it? You must, it is already done. The fine is paid, and I'll not have you speak anymore of it."
Changing the subject, "For a Tribunal on the border, this event is a staid affair. At least in Normandy there is pageantry and grandeur and a fair and the tournament runs for 3 days with 6 events! And those less interested in affairs of politics and jurisprudence can sneak away to the fair to while away the hours of boredom. You were in luck that the same environment doesn't exist here. I doubt I would've been present at the proceedings, and would have instead given my sigil to another member of my House for this matter."

Iapetus thinks for a moment. Which option to choose. How much does he care? He can't make it too easy. He nods assent at her choice, and responds: "Terram."

Yes... She does, actually. This is quite strange...

But, sir, if your intent was to clear the name of your house, be it to me or to lady cygna, I must say you didn't need to do this. I know very well that Adorjan was far from representative of the line of the founder. And, although she was the one to suffer under his tutelage, I can't imagine Lady Cygna thinking differently.
May I at least invite you to spend some time with me, and present you to my sodales? I am of the matter that no good deed must go unpunished.

After tektonius changed subjects
Well, then, god bless the dull animations of border tribunals, then. But tell me, if I understand correctly, you come from the rhine tribunal. May I enquire what could possibly cause you to leave the heart of both the order and your house? I don't want to be intrusive, so don't feel constrained to answer