Summer 1222: Tribunal, Preliminary Events planning

The first day of Tribunal, a number of events are taking place, planned by prominent magi who really want to see a Tribunal meet quorum for once.

There is a Verditius regional contest, organized by Rhodri's pater, Cuprincus. Only Verditii may compete, but all may attend.

Scintilla has organized two melees: a "jyoniur leval braul" using all forceless casting and a "three hits, you're out" system, and "advansed free fer all" requiring that all participants issue mutual declarations of Wizard's War ("jest inn caes," her letter claims). All are welcome to both, but her letter indicates that she expects only Flambeau and Tremere, "an mebbe that tytalis will sho up two."

Pardus has organized some big Bjornaer-only party, which seems to be an all-day barbecue of some sort.

Stephen Eruditus has organized a dinner party, which will be mostly Jerbiton, but all Gently Gifted magi are welcome.

Cygna will probably pass on these.

"Hey, has anyone seen....Oh my God, you ate Kenny! You bastards!"

Cygna will be there.

She'll try to work this into the day as well.

((Planning for Tribunal would be a little easier for me if I knew if she and Hiems are reconciled. I have this great epic scene in my head, but it doesn't work so well if they're not talking to each other.))

((Poke Fixer. If he doesn't weigh in one way or the other, we'll assume Hiems has been reclusive, too busy wearing black eyeliner and listening to Morrissey to kiss and make up with Cygna. :laughing:))

Attravere will be an attendee at the Verditii competition and Scintilla's melees. He'll spend the rest of his time meeting tribunal members and helping people from his own house to see that things run smoothly.

Sophronia will be at the Gently Gifted dinner, the other events hold no interest to her.

((Not quite sure what effect that would have on Cygna. On the one hand, if the man she loves doesn't have the time to even talk to her to explain what happened (assuming that there's a reason that Cygna would buy), that would make it easier for her to keep her Vow of Chastity, since she would have no desire to be with, or even harbour romantic feelings for, anyone else.

On the other hand, I can see Cygna going the other way and being more prone to temptation, rationalizing it by thinking, Oh, I'm not good enough for him, huh? I'll show him!

I think Cygna's going to have a hard time keeping her vows the whole five years. Not saying she can't do it...but it's gonna be hard.

And I'll give him another day or two before reachin' fer my pokin' stick. I like to give people two or three days, and I tend to lose track of how much has passed as opposed to how much I think has passed.))

It should be hard. If she succeeds she gets rid of her scars :slight_smile: If she doesn't succeed, we get more angst. It's a win-win!

Maybe it's a tell about the kind of literature I like best, but I love, LOVE internal character conflict. Jaime trying to figure out who he was in aSoS after he loses his sword hand? Some of the most brilliant writing I've EVER read. And you know I read a lot!!!

Cygna's hoping that she gets rid of Adorjan, too...even though I know she won't, unless something happens to dump her whole reasoning on her head. She's convinced, as is Hiems (more than likely), that Adorjan is as real as anyone else, but is a demon sent to torment Cygna for whatever infernal reason.

And internal conflict is the best conflict. Maybe why I prefer dramas to shoot-em-ups, but I think you are the foe that you will have the most trouble overcoming.

Well, in fact, he probably will.

No event is enough to capture his attention and, whatever what happens with cygna, he probably feels too guilty and tormented to do much of anything.
He knows he let her down, recognizes this and feels bad about this, but he also confusely feels like he's betraying her (if only their friendship!) by being with Madame, and betraying Madame by feeling like he betrays cygna

I'm sorry, I don't have my books with me at the moment. How long is Tribunal scheduled to last? :blush:

Blackthorn is counting on a week.

Sinmore packs up her weapons and armour for the Tribunal with hopes of meeting Valten at the melee, even if she loses horrendously but prevents him from advancing she'll consider it a victory.

Before she leaves for Tribunal, Cygna will talk to Leona.

[color=red]"Leona, if I might have a quick word before I leave for Tribunal. If I'm understanding correctly, several of Gallus Florensis's problems stem from the fact that are are perceived as, or in fact might have been, inquorate under either the Charter or the Tribunal's Peripheral Code, I'm not exactly sure which.

"I'm sure that you have your reasons for keeping your continued survival a secret, even from your covenmates. But it's possible that your absence may make the difference between our covenant continuing or not. If it does come to that, if we have no other I have your permission to reveal your existence if it means the difference between our covenant being able to, say, keep our registered Vis sources or being forcibly dissolved or not?"

If Leona indicates that she would have to be asked first, Cygna will mention that she's invented a spell (Friendly Voices) that will allow them to communicate mentally for Sun duration. It requires Eye contact to spell, and it does cause a minimal amount (1 pt) of Warping, though.

I wish that I could help you, little one, but if the Tribunal becomes aware that I live, they will rectify that oversight.

[color=red]"Ah," Cygna says. [color=red]"And may I assume that, were Justinius and Aislinn still around, they would say the same thing?"

What? No, neither has any reason to hide, to my knowledge. If either were able, they would defend the covenany and its resources fiercely.

[color=red]"That's odd," Cygna says thoughtfully. [color=red]"They've both apparently gone missing, several years now from what I hear...rather long for a romantic holiday, I would think. I was hoping you might have heard something, or have some idea as to where they had gone."

All I know is that they left overland by flight, heading northwest.

If these two are not mutually exclusive, Iapetus intends to attend the Verditius contest(good to know who's making what), and get his hide trounced in the melee. And casually flirt with any women who he feels would enjoy the attention.

Tektonius will put out feelers for those seeking longevity rituals. Is there a fair as part of the Tribunal?