Summoning a Person

Theoretical idea here:

A Magus has taken an arcane connection (AC) from another person and spent time in the lab making this AC permanent.

The magus wishes to develop a spell to summon a person to his presence. How would you design this spell?

My thought is that this is just a R:Arc T:Ind D:Mom spell based on the distance you wish to be able to summon a person from.

Of course, this is IDENTICAL in parameters to a spell like Seven League Stride that a magus would use to transport themselves somwhere else.

So, is this the same spell or something different? Thoughts?

I would say same parameters, same base but different spell.

And after that you can play pokemon with your grogs :smiley:

It is absolutely not!
A magus would use a R: Pers D: Mom T: Ind to move himself where-ever.

A magus could use a spell like this to move himself (as arranging to have an AC to yourself is trivial in the mathematical sense), but since R: Arcane adds 4 magnitudes, that'll usually be a bad idea since it's liable to cause Warping (unless designed for this) or even require a ritual (being level 51+).

So they would be similar spells, but certainly not the same.

Or did I misunderstand your post completely?

Right. Problem with posting at midnight. Now this makes way more sense.

Glad I could be of assistance :slight_smile:

ArM5 p.135 Leap of Homecoming with R: Arc, hence ReCo55 and a Ritual, and Warping most targets. See also MoH p.92 box and TME p.107 box for summoning other things than a person that way.


Instead of doing +4 for arcane connection (which become a ritual spell), use a +1 touch version. Then have a "intangible tunnel" ReVi 40. Problem solved, no ritual.

You can summon anyone if:

  • you have an AC to them
  • you penetrate his MR with both spells.

If you have an AC to them and to a volcano, you can kill them by teleporting them inside the lava. :smiley:

No ritual, but warping most recipients twice. :smiling_imp:


Ofcourse, document it and it will be a feature :wink:

Yeah, but 2 warping points for X time lost are sometimes not a big deal. And using 11 vis pawns for 1 warping point reduction is an issue only the rich will consider. And if I were a rich covenant, I would have an hermès portal to Harco; and from there, almost all the world :smiley:.

If you do not need to go really fast, just use a flying spell. It can be pretty fast, but without warping.

My favorite road: go by the magic realm. It gives also adventures for travel (vestiges, boundaries).

All the spells you are offering are quite different from what was asked in the first post a "Leap of Homecoming" with R: Arc does not summon someone where you are it summon someone anywhere you have an AC to.
I think it would not be a stretch to reverse the base for "Leap of Homecoming" and change it from "transport the target to anywhere you have an arcane connection to" to "transport a target you have an arcane connection to you".
Or maybe as a new base : 15 - "transport a target instantly to you"
Maybe as a minor breakthrough or is there implications i don't see ?

Arguably, you're always in possession of an AC to yourself.
R:Arc affects the remote target with one AC, and the other AC to the location can be either considered the caster himself, or if you don't like that, one of the options listed above. Breath in some air, you are in possession of an AC to the location. Shed some skin, you're in possession of an AC to yourself...

I never said that you can't summon someone to you with "Leap of Homecoming" with R: Arc, i just said that it doesn't do just that, it does much more that was not asked in the first post so a spell that do just that should be of lower magnitude.
Hence my proposition.

The question asked:

Since you can't predict how far away the person being summoned is, you must use the level 35 guideline which says:

And your response was to suggest a new guideline either created or researched.

But the guideline that exists is quite sufficient for the task at hand, namely, it affects a target, the target may be any legitimate target for a spell. I could invent a R:Arc version of Seven-League Stride but if the target of the spell is beyond the range that the spell's base effect, it will fail. So therefore the only guideline that will work for all occasions is the base 35 version. I don't see how it is doing more than what is asked. It's doing exactly what is asked, based on the fact that you can't always know where the person being summoned is or if they are within range of being transported.

Of course if you care about warping you probably shouldn't be summoning a person like some kind of spirit...
Though causing 2 warping points could be an issue if summoning magi, who would immediately risk twilight...

Well, at least one person would be able to avoid warping, because the spell could be considered as being designed for a person, at the discretion of the player/magus when inventing the spell.

I'm not sure where you're getting two warping points from, though. It is certainly a brief effect. Unless you're going with the Intangible Tunnel route[1], but they are separate effects inflicting warping, separated by some periods of time, so no, I wouldn't force a twilight check.

[1] Like I don't inflict warping upon recipients of Ball of Abysmal Flame or The Incantation of Lightning, assuming they survive, I wouldn't inflict warping on recipients of the Intangible Tunnel, but that's me.

The base i am proposing has no mention of distance between you and the target.

In the Base 35 ReCo effect there is actually two targets, the person and the place. The distance between the person and the place is handled by the base guideline and the distance between you and the person is handled by the spell parameter.
So i just removed the AC +4 magnitudes from the base 35 effect that give base 15 and reduced the distance between you and the place to personal (+0 Magnitude), well now that i write it you are right i made a mistake in my assumptions, so here is something :

Re/Co 35 : Instantly transport a target you have an arcane connection to to anywhere in the range of the spell.

so if I would transport that target say to "touch range" it would be a 40 level spell, exactly like transporting someone you touch to AC range with "leap of homecoming".

That spell allow you to summon someone to you, the version "leap of homecoming" with AC range does that too, but it also allow you to transport someone instantly to anywhere in the world (if you have an ac) that's why i say that it does stuff not asked in the first post.

You could even do the "leap of homecoming" with the base i suggest here.

Can't you do a short-range teleport through the tunnel? Instead of them moving a few paces from where they were it is one pace ---> tunnel ---> one pace and they appear near you? That way it's a lower level effect both ways and doesn't cause warping?

no, it doesn't work that way but you could move them a few paces on their side of the tunnel :slight_smile:
The tunnel is not a physical place (it's not even visible) it's a pipe through which you can fling spells.

Yes, it does, but, it's only the guideline that fits. You could make a new guideline, I suppose, but I think it's unnecessary, except to circumvent the ritual requirement of the R:Arc Leap of Homecoming. In that case, I would make it a base 30 effect, unidirectional in that you can only bring someone to you.