summoning with ReVim

Anyone know what book would have guidelines for summoning magical/fairy beings with ReVim?

I can find Demons in RoP: The Infernal and for Magical Spirits in RoP: Magic ,
but not for Faeries in either Mystery Cults or RoP: Faerie.
Doesnt mean that they may not exist though.

Isn't this what the HoH:MC: Merinita p92&94-95 covers woth Anima magic?

Those for magical spirits are identical to those for demons (you can find them under the Tytalus section of Hoh:S and, I believe, in HoH:M). It's ReVi 15 to summon (to which you should add hefty modifiers for range!)

I guess those for faerie spirits should be identical too.

Not really, it creates faeries that are aspects of the element or form from which they were created. It doesn't cover things like summoning a specific fae or a type of one. Like summoning a Naiad of Arachthos

There are guidelines for summoning in the front of Mysteries revised as well.

The Mysteries Revised Edition page 28.

Thanks. I must have glossed over that many many times. I can use those guidelines for Faeries, since they are all spirits (if you have enough lore and Faerie Magic), as a starting point. Maybe add a magnitude to summon a highly cognizant (specific) faerie or require a separate spell for it? Much like Invoking the pact of (Daimon)?

Well, i think you can summon Faerie Spirits with ReVi guidelines. But i don't think you can actually summon Faeries with regular Hermetic Magic. You will need Ars Notoria for that.

Ars Notoria hasn't relation with Faeries or Faeric Spirits. And any could summon a Spirit faerie if he dsign a spell for that. Summoning a material faery by other side should be ReCo or any other material form depending of the sustance forming the faery's body.

I thought all you would need would be faerie magic outer mystry

Nor that. The Summoning thing is that whatever the creature should be the Realm with the creature would be part, you need an Arcane Connectionand again, the being have to be a Airy Spirit, thats is shouldn't have body if not way powers nor have name, that excludes many faeries (by the body), Angels (by the name) and therefore; and the Demons have a different Guideline, just like the ghosts need a Ritual Spell, easier anyway than the Daimones.

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