Sundered Eagle

This is good. New tribunals is fun, and there are soooooo much fun in that area of Mythic Europe. Looking forward to this. :smiley:


SO SO SO Excited about this. This will impact my saga directly!

COOL!! :smiley: :smiley: Awaiting eagerly the next releases.


Congrats to Atlas and the authors for finally releasing a Theban Tribunal book. Expectations are high!

One word: YES!!!! :smiley:

It certainly does sound like an exciting book (then again what Ars Magica book doesn't?) Of course, we'll have to wait for LoM first to be published first...

I'll buy it without hesitation!

won't we all? :wink:

I think the tribunal already passed this as official ruling. We all will be doing that. Maybe we should modify the Code to include that as the first entry in the oath....


*At least we all, alpha SGs. My gaming mates will be pestering me to get the book ASAP, but will not likely listen to my rant about them having money in their bank accounts to buy the book for themselves....

This is an unfair conspiracy to convince me to buy the harcover instead of waiting for the PDF, as I promised myself I'd do from now on. And it will probably work :confused:

Looks very, very interesting. Struggles between Olympian gods and Titans, ancient demons and bindings set loose, unifying the Empire... yes, I want some, please...

Too many books.... too many books, I'll never have enough time to use them all in my sagas! :smiley:

First Lords of Men and now this? This will be a very good year for Ars Magica! :slight_smile:


...and Michelle and David have pretty thouroughly teased Rivals in the Ask Atlas section, so, yes, quite a good year, presuming Rivals is after Sundered Eagle (and I don't know either way...)

I'm surprised that we won't see rivals first. I wish that we had a solid four books a year rather than three, but I'm pretty pumped to see Thebes, that sell text is juicy.

Michelle's "leak" did seem to imply that Rival Magic would be the next book after LoM, but maybe they've decided to change the order of release for some reason?

I will buy them just as soon as they reach the UK. Another Tribunal book is always welcome.

It might just have been that Rival Magic hit a milestone in its development and Michelle wanted to tell someone. The Ars pipeline, I think David has said this, so its OK to repeat it, has quite a few things in it at once. This does mean they can shuffle the Order if they like, but it might also just mean she saw a cool bit of Rival Magic and wanted to say "Hey, cool..."

edit: (laughs...I meant "order")

I guess you just made it easier for my wife to find this year's xmas gift for me.

I just realised that we're getting perilously close to August... I don't suppose this will be out in time for the Grand Tribunals at the end of August..? Anyone know whether this has escaped the printer's clutches?

Hm... I wonder if we'll get a Table of Contents PDF before too long. I love those!