Super Sentai [Power Rangers] game With Feng Shui?

Yo guys!
I'm a newbie to Feng Shui, just got the book a few days ago.

I'll be running some games based on Japanese Super-Sentai series (kinda like mighty morphing power rangers), and a friend of mine told me to try Feng Shui or BESM (but my group and I have some problems with BESM)...

Just to get clear... the character are average folks, that suddenly receive the power to "Morph" (ie. to transform in a spandex-armored form), and became extremely powerful (They can throw small cars a few meters away, are bullet-proof, can jump up 5+ meters, and should be able to beat 20+ thugs in a few rounds).
Don't know how I could make it.

Another thing: they can draw special weapons and merge them in a mega-bazooka, that can destroy most of monsters with one shot, but need all rangers to operate. There is a way to simulate that?

Last thing... Giant Robot. They have vehicles (Zords) that can merge in a giant robot (Megazord). Monsters can too became giant, but just after being "killed" by the heroes mega-bazooka. So, I need all players to be active in the Megazord. I don't know how should I proceed, or if even is possible do create giant-sized combats.

Thank you for you help.

Yeah, like the quintessential Anime RPG doesn't do Anime or RPG all that well.

First thing you need to do is get ahold of Friends of the Dragon sourcebook, which has an entire chapter of advice, ideas, and group schticks to use with a Sentai-themed campaign.

Well, there's a couple fan resources out there for running a Feng Supers campaign (don't have any links handy at the moment), but you can do most of that with Supernatural Creature or Fu schticks.

Transformation covers the Morph stuff. I'd base the spandex form off the Supernatural Creature template, and treat their "normal human" form as a separate character sheet, setting all the attributes at "5" or using some of the weaker/normal archetypes. Remember the "5 Man Rule":

  1. The Leader (Karate Cop)
  2. The Best Friend/Rival (Thief/Smuggler/Ninja)
  3. The Princess (Medic/Journalist)
  4. The Hulking Brute (Big Bruiser/Athlete)
  5. The Midget/Dwarf (Scrappy Kid, maybe Techie)

You can give them a Transformation schtick, or an item with the morph power (e.g. Ultraman's Beta Capsule) to switch to the spandex form.

Armor and Damage Immunity: Bullets is kind of self-explanatory. The jumping can be done either Jump (a Creature Power, weaker version of Flight, that appears in... I can't recall, Golden Comeback or Thorns of the Lotus) or Abundant/Prodigious Leap.

The Super Strength is a bit trickier... it's probably unwise to try and scale the Strength attribute up above what a Big Bruiser or Athlete can start with, but you can treat it as a supernatural ability based on a Creature Power AV. Model it after the "Chucking Things About" effect of the Movement Sorcery schtick, or just eyeball it with something like: "Supernatural Strength: As a stunt, you can toss cars around."

See Friends of the Dragon. Sounds like a group schtick.

I know there's a Feng Shui Kaiju page out there, but I'm not sure that scale would work as a regular campaign mechanic. Again, sounds like you'd start with a Group Schtick. I'd stat out the Megazord as a separate character, and scale up the stats to the 15-20 range. Not quite sure how I'd handle multiple players trying to control a single kaiju... I guess designate one of them as the "leader" and have him roll for initiative and decide what to do with their shots. The leader then rolls his skill, and every other player rolls the same skill to "assist", with each successful check contributing +1 to the leader's AV.