Superior vs. Flawless Tools/Equipment

One of my players pointed out that, in the laboratory customization rules of Covenants, the Free Outfittings Virtues Superior Equipment and Superior Tools (p. 116) both give a +1 to Safety. The Free Supernatural Virtues Flawless Equipment and Flawless Tools (p. 118), however, do not.

Could this be an oversight? The only reason I can think of why Superior would provide a Safety bonus while Flawless does not would be that the Flawless is inherently magical, and somehow less safe, but that would be a stretch? Or would giving Flawless a Safety Bonus on top of the +2 General Quality, +2 Upkeep, and +2 Vis Extraction (for Equipment), or the +1 Upkeep and +2 Items (for Tools) have been deemed overly powerful for a Free Virtue?

It seems like an oversight to me.