Supernatural ability into item. Possible?

Hello there,

Is there any option to put the effect of a supernatural ability (non hermetic) into a magic item? Could someone put a Hex into an item, for example? What do you need? Craft Magic? IIRC the folk witches have something similar, but does not work for all abilities. Any other option? I had an idea for a NPC that hit me when considering interline connectivity in the airport of Milan (don't ask me why because I have no idea) but I am away from my books, so just asking... :slight_smile:


There is the RoP: Magic Power Grant Major Virtue.
It explicitly states that there is no hermetic equivalent.
The virtue can be granted to a "target" (my favorite Ars word), which might include an item.

So how do you get such an item?

Mind-control (or bootlick) a powerful magic being and make it grant your item of choice the power of choice.

Craft Magic, or Lesser Craft Magic, but you don't give it one magical ability, but you invest one Magical Effect based upon one Supernatural or General Virtue or Magical Ability. Normaly for example, the magical Cloak didn't give you the Shapeshifter Ability, but that cloak give you the power of become one animal of your options. I was working on a No Hermetic Magical objects list.

The exmiscellanea ability? Would it work for non hermetic powers, like Hex or shapeshifter?


I'm not sure I understand what you want?
Do you want an item that is able to use a supernatural ability - possibly triggered by a user? (ie a wand that hexes people)
Do you want an item that allows it's bearer to use a supernatural ability? (ie a cap that grants second sight)
Do you want an item which is essentially a container that conveys the effects of a supernatural ability (ie a potion that affects the drinker with a healing effect as per the folk witches of Hedge Magic).

If if the second, craft magic's your choice, even for non-hermetic effects.

Yes, becauuse is a Common Virtue in his Lesser version (forget the Casting with the Craft/Profession abilitie, make Charged Items and the casting Bonus by Form & Shape) being in the Virtues & Flaws of the Introduction (common for the Muspelli) on Rival magics, and i asked when i read it and here they told me that it'ld work. The Lesser Craft Magic is very interesting to No Hermetic magicians and wonder crafters. The Craft Magic more.

I want 2 things.

  1. I have second sight and this other ability. I enchant a piece of glass so that you can see using second sight looking through the glass. (Sounds like Enrichment now that I think about it). Or I enchant a wolf pelt that allows you to shapeshift to wolf when you (voluntarily or not) put it over your shoulders.

  2. A black root of something that I enchant with Hex. Then you can use it to cast a Hex to someone. Same as above, but the target would be another dude

  3. A black root that casts a curse I put there first when you touch it. A linked trigger if you want. Or a goblet that casts a curse on you when someone says caput draconis in front of you when you are holding the goblet.

All related, but not exactly the same. Well might be the same in some cases. Late and been working 13 hours straight today.


OK, back home now. It seems Craft Magic is what I was after here. The thing is that I was designing a witch, but in my troupe we do not like heal nor Cursing, so we have changed it for Mythic Herbalism and Hex. I wanted a way to make the witch able to create items for his supernatural abilities, specially hex, that are somewhat more limited in scope than brewing potions for them.

Seems this works well. Have to read HMRE again, but it sounds promising. So far we have a player that already decided on an augustan for our next saga. The others are still deciding what hedgie they want to play.


Spanish inquisitions aside, it looks like you've pretty much answered the question yourself by now :slight_smile: