Supernatural Creature Damage and Intimidation

One of my players has chosen to play a Supernatural Creature. It seems like the Creature section of the rulebook really contradicts the archetype sheet.

  • Archetype sheet says base Damage is 13, and Intimidation is 12.
  • Creature chapter implies base damage is just 9, and outright states that Intimidation is also just 9 (In both cases stating this is because of default 7 with a +2 modifier for being a Supernatural Creature).

Given that they have no back-up attack, and no other skills, it seems like the higher numbers on the Archetype Sheet are probably fairer to the player. A 13 damage is high, but there are several characters who start with 13-damage Guns, and a few Archetypes have situationally higher damage (like the Cyborg's flamethrower, or the later guns on the Nutball's list). Anyone with a Guns rating can eventually get themselves an AK-47 (there's a few bound to be casually scattered about the scene by the end of the first fight of the intro scenario, after all). All of those weapons could theoretically gain a +3 upgrade from Signature Weapon later on, and the Creature can't, so I'm thinking I'm going to leave it at the 13 printed on the sheet rather than pull the rug out from under the player.

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Sounds reasonable to me.

Given that Gruesome Appearance is noted on the Archetype Sheet as a Creature Schtick rather than a Core Schtick, I wonder if it should also be listed in the Creature Schticks list in the relevant chapter, but got left out i.e. whether it is a separate Schtick that further increases the Intimidation bonus (e.g. they're an especially gruesome monster)?

As for the Natural Weapons schtick on the Archetype, I agree with your approach, especially as the attacks are melee-only, and also only available in Beast Mode.

I had originally assumed that the Gruesome Appearance Schtick on the Supernatural Creature Archetype (which gives them Intimidation 12 in Creature form) replaced the Horrific Appearance modifier from the Creature Power chapter. On thinking about it more, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't both apply, giving the Supernatural Creature an effective Intimidation of 14.

The reason I changed my mind on that was because one of the other players in my campaign decided to play a Ghost. So now I have both a Ghost and a Supernatural Creature in the same party. So the +2 on the Untrained Intimidation for the Ghost definitely applies, and makes sense that they should be at least a little scary. But that means that after 2 Advances, they could train it up to the same base level 12 as the Supernatural Creature has. So if I don't give the Creature that same +2 bonus, they'll could potentially be surpassed by the Ghost... and I don't think that's what was intended.