Supernatural Creature needs backup attack

This has bothered me since I noticed it, and I don't think I've seen it addressed in any of the updates.

The Supernatural Creature cannot attack anything while in human form. They have a Creature Powers skill, but they explicitly can't use their creature powers while in human form. No martial arts, no guns, nothing. And this really bothers me, because if I've got a supernatural creature trying to masquerade as a human or not call attention to himself, then he's screwed once combat begins. I guess you could use the Universal Default of 7, but that seems like a horrible thing to do to a supernatural creature that is just trying to take part in the fight like any other normal human character.

I usually slap a Martial Arts 12 or Guns 12 on there automatically in chargen (player's choice), or give the Supernatural Creature some bonus skills to do something interesting while human.

I'd actually like to see this changed with some errata. Anyone else have problems with supernatural creatures trying to act like humans?

I think as a GM I would allow a supernatural creature to do simple fist attacks with their creature power AV. It seems to me that the "can't use powers" rule is really intended to mean you can't access your schticks (i.e., shoot beams from your eyes or spew toxic goo) while in human form. Those are powers. Your AV isn't a power or a schtick. So go ahead and hit someone with your fist with it. To properly role play your creature, though, you should probably rage about the puniness of your weak flesh or occasionally try and punch through a wall and comically fail, or otherwise show angsty surprise about how pitiful you human form is. :slight_smile: