Supersoldier's Wealth Level Question

I'm trying to figure out what the wealth level of the Supersoldier from Seed of the New Flesh is. It isn't listed and I have seen it argued that it is working stiff or poor, with good arguments made for both wealth levels.

Looking at some of the other types doesn't help too much.

The Cyborg is working stiff.
The Ex-Special Forces is poor.
The Moster Hunter is poor.

Anyone got the answer to this one? If you are claiming the answer you post is official please indicate the source you got it from.

Well, there won´t be any official answer, so its just guessing.

IMHO the ex special forces is the closest to the supersoldier (highly trained soldiers for black operations etc) and personally I would suggest poor.


Thanks for posting an answer. The general consensus seems to be Poor from the people I asked about it.