Supplements needed to play the Nile?

I have been wondering: Which supplements do I need to fully benefit from buying the new Nile book?

Important ones:
Lands of the Nile. Corebook of some RPG or other, preferbly Ars Magica 5th edition.

Nice to have:
RoP: Divine - discussion of Islam, as well as Divine Powers/Miracles, if you plan on having those. If you already have a good understanding of Islam and don't plan on having Divine Miracles, irrelevant.
RoP: Magic - not really necessary. There are some Magic beings, but they are (IIRC) fully detailed, in the sense that they can be used without having to reference another book. If you want to develop your own versions though, this book is your friend.
RoP: Faerie - same as RoP: Magic, only less so I think.
The Cradle & The Crescent - not necessary, but as far as I can tell, the dominant contemporary (as of 1220 AD) supernatural organization is the Suhhar Sulayman. If you don't have this book, never mind, because it's not really central to Lands of the Nile.
Covenants - I think the 2 example covenants in the back of the book use elements of Covenants, but I'm not actually sure. No big deal though.
Mysteries (TMRE) - if you want to use the cult of dedud (or whatever is was), you might need to understand Initiations. HoH: Mystery Cults could also fill this role.
... none of them necessary though.

Did I forget anything?

Between Sand & Sea would probably be useful. To be fair, I can't think of anything specific, but they were originally conceived as a single book so there's definitely some overlap

Hedge Magic Revised also get referenced in the book.

Mea Culpa.
Do you recall if it is an important reference?

The primary reference is that ancient Coptic/Egyptian magical tradition was a more powerful version of the Learned Magician hedge tradition and it was in several chapters. Minus the mystery cult stuff (like ahks). Also called magical artisans/craftsmen.
Not to be confused with the priesthood magic, which is faerie based and is found in detail in Realms of Power: Faerie.

Optional, alternate rules are provided for both however.