Sustaining the other Magus' handiwork

There's a ReVi guideline in the main 5th ed rulebook:

"Sustain or suppress a spell cast by another with level less than half the (level + 5 magnitudes) of the Vim spell."

So can you use this to sustain a broken circle ward, if cast when the circle is being broken? I find it stylishly appropriate, at least. Then afterwards fix the circle, and cast a ring duration "sustain" ?

Idle speculation... could come in handy sometime.

Good question.

I've only ever seen this as appropriate to concentration duration spells but it would potentially allow you to extend the duration of a spell with circle duration.

So yes, i'd allow that.

Not necessarily easy, but very cool if you can pull it out. It's the kind of thing that distinguishes archmagi from apprentices :slight_smile: