System for creating magic tradition

Has Atlas released a system or basic guidance for creating a new magic tradition?  The power levels seem all over the place from what I have seen.

 Most of the traditions mentioned in passing in the ROP and tribunal books all have a mere 4 favored abilities, but the traditions from HMRE are all over the place, listing traditions with 6, 7, 8 or more favored ablilites (how many the Viktir have is debatable - One (rune magic) or 24 (24 separate runes).  The traditions from Rival magic have quite a few as well, and the Hermetics (the big dogs of the setting) basically have 15.  I understand that the VIkti, the rival magic traditions, and the OoH would be expected to have more options (they are the only ones that require the gift), and that techniques + forms are difficult to compare with simple ablitlites, but  it occurs to me that by the end of the AM5 run someone may well have attempted to quantifiy how to make a good gifted tradition that is not over or under powered for the setting.

 Then again, one of the great things about the traditions is how diverse they are, so maybe it was just never considered practical.

Not that I know. Each tradition is made had hoc.

The power of each tradition is also extremely dependent on setting, and the diverse Gifted and unGifted traditions are not balanced between them at all. Each tradition is quite unique in that sense. some can compete with hermetics in some areas, and with preparation, but Hermetics are more powerful in general and more flexible than most traditions.

There are around 50 non hermetic traditions in the official books. It should be easy to find a referent for what you want to create and build from the basics displayed there.

Let me ask a follow up question - is there any current list you know of that that shows all the canon traditions? I only found one from 2011, and the one on Project Redcap which does not seem to list all of them (it doesn't seem to include any of those from tribunal books, for instance).

It is the one you already found I guess. There are like 5 books not included. Only 2 of those have any meaningful hedge traditions, the African ones.


The only guidelines found are in HoH:S under Ex Miscellenea and in the Introduction of HMRE. Making a new hedge tradition is a bit of work. The one I'm working on has undergone at least 4 major revisions before settling down to its current form and opened to critique.

There's no real attempt at balancing the traditions as Hermetic Magi are explicitly meant to be the most powerful - or at least versatile though other traditions can often equal or exceed them within their own areas of specialty. This is because Hermetic Magic is the only magic system within the game that attempts to universal approach to their magic.

That said, HMRE does give a bit of advice about creating your own hedge traditions - namely that they should violate no more than one Lesser Limit of Magic.

Another piece of advice is to ensure that they cannot casually Penetrate Parma Magica - this is why Difficult Arts were first introduced without that innovation, the prototype hedge wizards achieved some truly fantastic Casting Totals due to having fewer XP sinks than the OoH.

Finally, just out of curiosity, let's see:
Elementalists: Two Arts and four Difficult Arts (6)
Folk Witches: Seven Supernatural Abilities (7)
Gruagachan: Two Difficult Arts and four Arts (6)
Learned Magician: Three Difficult Arts and three Arts (6+). Note: Alchemists and Cunning Folk get extas
Nightwalkers: Nothing - Second Sight in Phanasticum (1-)
Vitki: Twenty four Accelerated Abilities (24). Note: 9 more 'extinct' runes in TTT.
Amazons: Eight Arts (8)
Augustan Brotherhood: Two Supernatural Abilities and six Schools (8)
Muspelli: Six Supernatural Abilities (6). Note: possibly more depending on Patron (6+)
Soqotrans: Four Supernatural Abilities (4)
Sahirs: Five Accelerated Abilities plus Summoning Art (5+)
Fectores: Six Difficult Arts, but can potentially learn more Foes (6+)
Storm Wizards: Three Supernatural Abilities (3)
Sorginak: Seven Supernatural Abilities (7)
Settuten: Four Accelerated Abilities and one Supernatural Ability (5)
Bouda: Five Supernatural Abilities plus a few Supernatural Virtues (5+)
Yeah, six or seven seems to be about the magic number albeit with a few outliers. Really though how versatile each power winds up being is probably the biggest factor.