Table Chatter

having absolutly no inspiration for a companion, i'll go for the one you designed... perhpas later would i have one ^^

Mate, I can design you a redcap if you'd prefer. Just say the word.

Mmmh i don't think i would have fun with a redcap... na, it seems i have at the presen times, a "creating magi only" mind ^^

Righto, then. Padget it is (for now).

Just two questions: Does Puissant shapechanger grant 2 extra shapes (one per skill point is normal)?
What exactly can a cormorant of virtue do? Do I create it? Or the sg?

Yes, sorry. You asked both of those questions a while ago and I never gave you an answer.

I think it should. In my previous saga, we assumed Puissant Ability just added 2 to any of your die rolls using that ability, but that turned out to be kind of limiting, and didn't mesh well with Puissant Art. Go ahead and give Morphiste two extra shapes.

Honestly, I'm not sure. I did some desultory googling on the subject of cormorants a while back, but go interrupted by work. I can't even remember what I found out, if anything. I had this idea that I'd do up everyone's familiars using ROP: Magic, but that's packed away at the moment in preparation for moving house. At the moment, I'm willing to entertain any reasonable ideas you may have, purely on the basis that it's less work for me.

  • I've finished writing Morphiste's pre-playing episodes (and shortened her sheet history so it becomes bearable).
  • I still have to write out her other shapes (combat numbers, changed attributes etc)
  • I also have to come up with my Cormorant of Virtue familiar

anyway, she is playable (but cannot be published as a finalized version). Sorry about that, but RL is busy right now.

ideas for Cormorant:

  • must eat, sleep, and breathe
  • he can breathe water
  • he has some fishing related spelllike effects (some In/ReAn power restricted to fish)
  • he is immune against supernatural effects while he is in cross position (sounds like a huge game-breaking thing, but since he must eat/sleep, he can't remain like that forever; plus - this power cannot be transferred on the magus or anyone else; the idea is to create a familiar who can come along on excursions without being an obvious target, the cormorant's other powers/fighting prowess is negligible anyway, and he is easy enough to kill with an arrow or a stick)
  • he might be an infernal creature in disguise (don't tell me, I don't want to know if he is)

Okay, so I got a PM from Arkham this morning telling me that he needs to pull out of the game for the forseeable future while he gets his life in order after a change of city and career. I've invited Caelarch to fill his spot - hopefully we should be hearing from him (her? The queen of the Caelarch hive?) pretty soon.

Caelarch is a "He." Ironically, I have the same issue IRL as my name is Kelly, which at least in the US is slightly more common for girls than boys.

Again, thanks for the invite. I sent Eclecticon a PM, but I'll post here that my only concern is making sure I have enough time to balance real-life obligations, my commitment to the "Matters of the Heart" Saga, and a commitment to this Saga. Give me a few days to see how much time I end up spending on MotH and I'll be able to let you know if I am in 100% or not.

If I do join, I'm thinking of a alchemist Veriditus character who is fixated with transcending mortality and making "living invested items."

Fair enough. We'll wait to hear from you.

Do you love your grogs or can we use them as "tools"
As a SG, I'm always getting my grogs killed:Nothing motivates a magus more than the ripped off head of his favorite grog (it tells you: fighting time!!)

Or we could have a rule: If you kill a grog you have to replace him?

You really can't say fairer than that, can you? Sounds like a good working rule to me!

In our saga, grogs are just name... very quickly killed :slight_smile:

I like to have at least a little bit of personality behind them - it makes for more emotional impact when I pancake one across the wall of some castle or other. :smiley:

I'm not sure personality matters IORLS, where we buy grogs by dozens and kill them when we are not happy... here, Keythleen is not a necromancer needing bodies, so no problem :smiley:

I've read Caelarch's Matter of the Heart posts - they are impressively written.

But couldn't we play some prologue (using the companions if you want to wait with the magi till Caelarch has finished). I'd love to see some action!

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I get the shakes if I go too long without GMing something.

Ok, I'm in.

I'll start working on a character and post him in a day or so.

Right, here's the skinny:

  1. I think it will save a lot of time if I start stories in media res - I explain what the situation is and you guys tell me why your characters are involved (I'll usually make it fairly obvious why you would be, and this is assuming it's not a story you told me you wanted to do).
  2. I like the idea of starting every story off with a 'council' discussion - whichever characters are present and involved can chat for a while about what they're doing and how they want to go about things. It'll establish the scene a bit before the story proper gets going, and give everyone a chance to get into character.
  3. I'm moving house over the weekend and will probably drop off the face of the earth for a week or so afterwards. Before I disappear, though, I'm going to start up a council thread for our first story. I'm afraid you might be stuck talking to yourselves for the first few days.

SG, i saw on the wiki you have used Clun Clash (from 3d edition?). IRL, i had her also, designed to match her old sheet but made in 5th edition. If you want, i can give it to you so that you don't need to recalculate all her sheet... and as she is very old, it's a very long work :smiley:

I recall muto spells in core book to be at touch but i'll check.
Not sure: Wizard's boost is at touch so i think touch is possible, especially if you are casting both spells :slight_smile: