Table Chatter

If you have an OOC question, or have something on your mind that doesn't in any way relate to the game, but which you just can't keep to yourself, here's the place to bring it up.


I'll be creating my character today. For now, i'm just going to work. Thanks for allowing to join!

Being not sure if Keythleen would have been accepted, i was designing 2 other magi:

  • one is Lumina of Flambeau, a maga focused in "light" able to be invisible without PeIm just by Regoing the light for not being seen. His goal is to invent a spell to create a 2d sun. She has (maybe, i have 2 versions of her and can't decide between) a restriction : she can't cast spell in place no (sun or moon) lights could light (underground especially). The fact that some place have no light in at the moment (a building) is irrelevant because it could have light if open a windows and doors.

  • and the other one is a strange jerbiton magus with a focus (i decided it to be minor) in gems. His big spell would be a CrTe 95 "Creating the Legendary Sanctum", which is a "Conjuring the Mystic tower" but where the mysthic "big house (because it's for himself only)" is made in gems (diamonds, etc)... I've decided arbitrarily that it would give a base score in aesthetics of 21 at the lab set inside. In combat situation, he would invoke a diamond's blade to cut trough armors and would "sling of vilano" real diamonds (he has a CrTe 45 ritual to create them, of course, in any elaborated shape (mini dagger, plates...) in group). As a vis monger, he is a mercurian magician.

I'm far from my usual PeCo/In(Re)Me specialists :smiley:

Sorry for not posting much over the last few days. Work has been busy and Spawnie has been sick. I'm also moving house at some point in the next few weeks. Hopefully disruption to the game will be minimal.

My first next spell:

  • The Way of Transformation of Magic
    MuVi 50, base 45, touch.
    Description: This spell change totally a Vim form spell of level less than 25 (last guideline of the MuVi core rule book). This spell:
  1. Transform the spell in a way that his Technique and Form are changed (EG, the Rego Corpus spell become a Creo Vim) and so his effect. The "new" spell must respect guidelines (being a kind of spont'd but not really spont'd spell).
  2. don't change the thing that the spell affect (EG, if the Rego Corpus spell was cast on a man, the CrVi is also on that man)
  3. don't change the penetration of the spell affected (EG, if the Rego Corpus has 70 pênetration, the CrVi has also)
  4. can't affect rituals (for now... Keythleen will search to remedy that fact!)

This is the "do spontaneous low magic Keythleen, do!" spell thing, as she is queen of magicians :p.

That all looks fine. Bear in mind, though, that:

  1. It's a ritual spell, taking 2 1/2 hours to cast and requiring 10 pawns of vis;
  2. Doesn't affect spontaneous magic; and
  3. Requires a Concentration roll to cast both this spell and the spell it's affecting simultaneously.

Keythleen is, at this point, almost cripplingly overspecialised. You can't buy that off with a season or two of lab work. :wink:

Is it ritual because of the level (i tought ritual were only for > 50 not, > = 50) or because you want this kind of spell ritual?
In the first case, i would change it to a MuVi 45, in the second, aye!

I've been going by a 'level 50=ritual' rule in my tabletop games. After prompting from the Light of Andorra bunch, I see now that that isn't the RAW, so don't worry about it. I will insist on points 1 and 2, though, just to stop it getting out of hand.

EDIT: Also, I realised the other thing that was bugging me about this - it'll need to be Voice range. You can't really touch a spell.

Okay, as the characters are coming together, I've been thinking about the first story. I'd like to run 'Return of the Raiders' from Tales of Mythic Europe, as it's an exciting scenario with a few twists and should let us all get our experienced magi ya-yas out. Any thoughts?

I haven't many memories from it but i don't really see how you are going to be player and SG for this particular adventure? i always understood the troupe style like an alternance for SG role system...

A fair question. Forgive me if my response gets a bit long. You're right - I was (and am) absolutely intending to have both Annaeus and Owen appear in the first story. I don't see that as necessarily being a problem, though.

I've been running games now for about 18 years, across all sorts of genres, systems and what have you. I'll admit, I fell into the GMPC trap quite a lot in my earlier days and couldn't really grasp why this was so irritating to the groups I played with. Since then, I've come to see that my having a character in play who's all kinds of awesome and gets to do all kinds of awesome things is more than a little masturbatory, especially when everyone else has gone to the trouble of putting some serious work into their own characters. it's rude of me to overshadow my players' efforts.

If you have a look at the way I've created both my magus and companion, you'll see that there are a number of 'failsafes' built into them that should stop them dominating the saga. For starters, neither one of them is going to appear in stories all that often. Annaeus is a secretive, reclusive old bastard who actively shuns company and Owen just isn't able to be around all that often, unless the story happens to be taking place in and around Ayr. They also shouldn't be pushing anyone out of their niche. Annaeus is primarily a lab rat - his spontaneous magic is all screwy, he doesn't have many formulaic spells and his art scores really aren't that impressive when he's out and about, all of which means he has to rely on whatever items he brings with him to do anything really cool. As long as nobody else builds a character around knocking giants over or healing the grievously injured (or mid-range Herbam spells), he should provide an occasional bonus and not otherwise steal the spotlight. Owen is a warrior, but not as accomplished as Wodin. His real asset is his Leadership ability, which basically just lets him take care of the grogs while the other characters get on with driving the story.

And that's basically what this all comes down to - you guys being able to drive the story and take most of the spotlight time. Without meaning to beat my own drum too much, I'm pretty secure in my ability to give everyone a chance to shine (though maybe not in the ways they expect) and not make the story center on any one individual. If I do occasionally have one or another of my characters along on stories that focus on other people, it will be for a reason. It might make sense for them to be there (like appearing at Ayr and finding Owen at the castle), there might be a particular dramatic reason, or it might just be because I think it would be fun. What I need you to understand is that they're not going to be a threat to you're own enjoyment of the game.

Having got all that off my chest, can I just say that I am absolutely open to passing the GM pants over to someone else from time to time. if you, Exar, or JeanMichelle, or anyone else would like a go, just ask and we'll work something out. I do have a beginning and ending of the saga loosely in mind, but just about every detail is fungible.

While I'm unloading stuff on you all, I'll let you know here that I've set up an Alerock wiki. I've been dicking around with a custom theme that (I think) looks great, but it has the unfortunate side effect that text doesn't appear properly, so I'll probably ditch it unless I can find some miraculous bug fix in the next few days.

I've suscribed in wikidot. It seems i need some password to have access to the wiki...

Thanks for explanation it's more clear. In fact Keythleen is not, a priori, really an adventure maga, but she is in quest, so she would be the first to learn... but she's not a battle lover and if battle, she would go everywhere but not there. She don't like the gross battle mood.

I read "a companion"... should i develop one? do you have idea of needed kind of companions?

For SG change, it's a great offer, but for now, my english is too poor to make enthusiastic stories... perhaps latter!

Gyahdamnbuggereypoohshites. Of course - the password you need is 'Skegness'.

You should absolutely develop a companion. Padget (above) is available if you like him. Otherwise, I don't really mind what they're like, as long as they have something useful to offer and a good reason to be interacting with the covenant.

Also, don't discount Keythleen, at least, not for this adventure. I've tweaked it so that there are plenty of useful things she could do.

Updated the wiki for Keythleen.

For the companion: can it be a redcap?

Saw the picture of Keythleen. So that is Pr-2 ????
Do send me some pictures of pr +3 !!!!

As stated in the book (do i think) presence is not beauty. Presence is the way to impose idea, to be the center of discussion. It's objective
Beauty is totally subjective.
I don't think the picture is so gorgeous... i thought it would be a good androgyne maga :slight_smile:

IMO, angela merkel could have Positive Presence, not a beauty;... as Evangeline Lilly negative. But she's cute.

whatever. Her looks won't unhinge the game. I do believe though that people are superficial enough to fall for good looks in a major way.

I forgot to praise eclecticon for his design. It's awesome!

Why thank you! It looks like the text-no-show-up-ness is an IE6 thing, as I can see it all fine using Firefox. I guess I'll just have to remember things myself when I'm at work. :smiley:

Yep, no problems there. A companion who's all about travel fits pretty well into a saga that will range over a fair amount of territory.