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I'm going to try adding all the grogs and specialists onto the wiki over the next two weeks. However, my understanding of the geography is severely hampering my initial efforts. What are the different geographic areas that constitute Mons Electi and environs?

Really, all I need are page names and urls. Maybe a single sentence describing the area.

What I have so far:

--Sanctums: Appolodorus, Fiona's Cottage, Iosephus/Viscaria's cave
--Vis Source Location: Mulberry Trees
-Tribunal Field
-Various known boundaries worth mentioning

Mundane side

  • Manor?
  • Gatehouse?
  • Steadholders (including Wilhelm)

It seems obvious that the wiki tree can begin with Mons Electi, and then divide into Mundane and Regio, and then split beyond that. Any help on this project would be appreciated.

I've been deliberately vague about geography, allowing players to have sufficient leeway to design desirable sanctums and residences as they saw fit. Their is a traditional manor house on the mundane side. Inside one of the rooms on the second floor is the entrance to the regio, which is within a castle (as pictured on the wiki). There are several halls in that castle, and sufficient room for Fiona to have a cottage in the courtyard area (PB can correct or move this). Up the path is Viscaria's sanctum, outside of the castle, proper, but still able to be enclosed within the Aegis.
The boundaries on the magical side are that the terrain is all but impassable beyond the demesne on the magical side, although Viscaria's bridge will alter that equation significantly. Note, I said earlier that one could make their way to the best spot for the tribunal field, but that presumed some path building would take place instead of, or in addition to, the bridge being built.
Apollodorus and Alexei had sancta within the castle, Apollodorus' was not far from the regio entrance.

There are gatehouses and a wall in some disrepair on the mundane side. The walls serve as a border for the Aegis (Boundary +3 size) but are not of any military value in their present condition.

Yes, I'm only seeking to catalog what's been established. I most emphatically am not trying to nail down things that we're still handwaving.

Really, this started out because I was wondering about where all the grogs are.

There is plenty of room for grogs on the magic side castle or the mundane side manor house. Also, I believe that there are outbuildings (boon) but these are all on the mundane side, workshops for the percamenarius.

The top of Mont Beuvray is .75 square miles, so there is quite literally tons of room on the mundane side for grogs servicing the industrial side of things. Personal servants, there's plenty on the magic side of the regio. I've handwaved that there are a sufficient number of percamenarius (Arya you can correct me on the plural, and I'll edit it), shearers, butchers, etc to finance the industry of the covenant. Raw wool is shipped up to Flanders for processing, as there aren't any local weavers.

Sorry, I actually meant, "where their character sheets are."

Ahh, well, there is a dearth of grogs, but there is a thread for them.

I actually prefer the quantity we have written out vs the number of defined covenfolk in Phoenix.

Are any of the grogs/covenfolk leaving with the lost magi?

I'd say Jormungand's grogs would go with him...

Coming back to this, I would like to claim dibs on one of the exploration threads, set in 1222.1 (spring? winter?). We could pick back up on the day afterward. I'd like Thera, Vin and Wen (and possibly her parents)

Others are welcome, but I don't want to claim everybody in case other magi want their own threads.

Possibly, Chastity and Patience would come with as well, though I have no idea if Chastity's has any knowledge of ores or refining.

Well, by and large, none of the threads involve me[1]. I'm setting the stage, and I don't mean to rush any particular thread, but I needed to open up 1222.2e up to allow everyone to come back together. To me, the the game, that's more important, as I don't want any individual player to feel like they are being held back by the events in any one thread. My entire philosophy of PBP SG'ing is to minimize impact of players on each other while striking a fine balance of allowing enough player interaction.
1222.2b can continue as long as players wish to discuss things. 1222.2e is ready for anyone and everyone to participate. I just kicked it off so everyone could participate.
I'll add one other thing that can happen in 1222.2b, if there's interest in continuing that thread for a while.

[1] Of course, I may have to adjudicate knowledge rolls, and the like, inform and shape what the players know, but beyond that, unless Marcus is invited into the council meeting (and he's not a member of Mons Electi) then there's little for me to do in those threads, and what the players do is negotiate and decide how they're going to act.

I haven't forgotten, but I wanted to wind down the action threads into a council thread 1222.2e before picking up on the exploration threads.

Well, the guidelines say Metal OR Gems, not Metal AND Gems, so it seems the answer is "no".

Also, it opens more versatility.
Say, a magus has a ward vs metal.
If using the first interpretation, he is protected utterly against anything Terram.
If using the second, another magus could try to use a diamond spike against him.
I, personnally, all things being put aside, prefer the second interpretation, since it leaves weaknesses and favors researching exotic spells against specific opponents.
Spells tend to usually be rather specific, which, IMO, is fine, since it encourages magi to have a lot of spells and a vast grimoire (or to rely on sponts). Pure preference, but I prefer this, with old magi having dozen of spells rather than having a few "general purpose" spells


It also because, IMO, wind is wind, only the intensity varies, whereas dirt is not metal is not gemstone. We would have the same thing with Water and Acids.

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