Table talk (Bibracte)

Spoonfeeding here...

Tria isn't a member of this covenant, and I don't plan to bring her around, except to check on Ulrich at some point. If he's not being trained, she will take him. If she takes him, he's out of the saga. Get it?

So long as he is officially her apprentice, if she fails to personally instruct him for one season per year, that's a low crime.

I'm going to say no. The Peripheral code has expanded sufficiently that he must be trained by his master, or a master in which there is a fosterage agreement. The magus in the fosterage agreement bears the responsibility for training the apprentice.

If this wasn't the case, the entire HoH:TL section on fostering magi would be null and void.

Isen would take him, although he would be both grumpy and protective. Not displaying much affection, but taking care of the child and being quite protective.

And I have an idea for a companion, I just don't know if I'll have the time (it's only partially stated since months). Shortly, a faerie swordswoman, supernaturally skilled, that was very, very proud of her abilities and, above all, her faerie nature. After tormenting and mocking a pious monk and his beliefs too much, dispatching easily the valorous young knight that sought to defend him, she was struck down by god, becoming human, albeit touched by faerie. Since then, she has sought to regain her faerie nature, but she has yet to understand the meaning of humility and compassion.

Viscaria will need to figure out if Korvin is needed to do anything for the Tournament grounds so he can plan on it.

Jacques will be going to the tournament but as support only. He needs some lab time and learning time. Anyone want to teach a class in Parma?

Korvin will offer 1 season per year where he will teach any magus an art or ability. He may not be the greatest teacher but he is not bad and has Creo over 25. Just let me know so we can plan it.

I think we should move forward with the Redcap Companion Renaud. Sounds like he has a story in line already.

Viscaria doesn't dissemble about what skills she lacks. She's hesitant to display her Intellego, and she probably doesn't let anyone know that she's a Hermetic Alchemist, or Imbued with Terram, though it may be easy enough to deduce those (Guile 2).

Again, Viscaria is out of the apprentice discussion cuz of Ulrich's lack of any Craft skills. She'd be willing to take him, though.

Was there specific help he was going to offer? Last I checked, Korvin hadn't offered to help in any way. Perhaps he could enchant the Roman Baths to provide a healing effect?

While Viscaria showed up as part of the Tribunal Preparations hook, she wasn't intended to steal that show. If anybody wants to take a greater part in developing it, they're welcome to do so.

Viscaria's going to be focused on Rego and Finesse for the forseeable future, possibly pausing to learn Greek so she can delve into A's book.

Not sure I see the value in doing this. Thread post rate is beyond my current capacity to manage as it is. Running 3-4 years worth of stories at once would blow my brain.

See link in above post, and let's adjust off that plan?

I have a concept left over from a discarded campaign. Essentially, the child raised by wolves. Very young shapeshifter with a few XP-bonus virtues to make him a viable companion-level combatant. Hell, we could start him off as an animal that befriends Wilhelm. That'd be all kinds of fun.

I think there's a lot of value to it, and it's something I got away from when I added Arya, chico, The Fixer jebrick and you, it's what, IMO, made this saga grow very quickly and very fast, even with a few players. The idea that a magus participates in one story, maybe another magus comes along as a co-star or lesser billing. When the magus is the star of the show, I only have to focus on one player to progress the story. It moves at the pace of the star's player. I can collapse story elements if they're a slow player, I can insert story elements if they are a frequent poster. It also gives the player some sense of how their character grows. Companions and others can come, too, even other players, but the magus is the one who's setting the tone for the story. Or in the case of a companion story, it will be the companion. Grogs, don't care, someone can play them, or it can be a one player show, they aren't central to the story. If there is serious interest in a grogs alone story, we'll get one together.
The stories will be a slice of life over the 3-4 years. We advance characters up to the point where their story begins, play the story and advance to the 3-4 year mark, and then we're a year before the Tribunal or so when stuff starts happening.

That's fine, again, this is a player controlled effort, the more effort at dividing tasks amongs each other, and then individually planning how you're going to accomplish the tasks the less taxing the stories I generate will be. In order to improve Finesse, Viscaria has a story she needs to complete, for example. Unless a PC wants to train her in Finesse, but than that detracts from their individual advancement, but that's certainly possible, and that particular story goes away and I drop another one in its place. As far as the current story of exploration, if you're too busy, I can just handwave the whole thing. That story is not interesting for me, if it isn't interesting for me, it will be less fun for you. If you're extremely busy and crunched for posting time, handwaving it makes some sense and focusing on the finesse and personal stories make more sense.

Sounds fine.
Let me know re: the exploration thread.

I think I misunderstood you. If you're talking about returning to the priceps-based chapter stuff you were doing for 1220, that's perfectly fine by me. If you're talking about shifting forward to the last several seasons before the Tribunal, then I would really pout. Playing the seasons after Apollodorous's death is important, IMO.

Re the exploration thread, I feel like a couple of critical things need to happen:

  • we need to get a sense of how big the regio really is and just how many boundaries/entrances/exits there are. Is it one ginormous regio? The size of Chicago? Two dozen smaller regios each the size of a three block suburban neighborhood? This was my main reason for wanting a chapter on the subject
    well, that and because I have ducked out of Princeps duties.

  • we need to establish what we're doing about the exits and entrances. Can V plug them? As a byproduct of spending the seasons finding them?

  • any regio based story hooks need to be discovered -- you mentioned an exit in the terrain. Then there are those trees we never remember. Any others?

*we need to establish what resources are available for construction efforts,etc.

The stories may be Princeps or story flaw related.
Something's after Apollodorus death will require some seasonal work. Some might be a story item. Those will be spread out. How those things get spread out is largely up to the players. Decide what needs to be done assign to character and then do it

I was going to say this via PM, but I figured I might as well say it publicly.

Amul has been kinda paranoid over the Swiss cheese holes in the regio. I want to allay his concerns, I don't play that way. I don't play Ars Paranoia. The Regio minor boon is pretty well undefined, but it was just that a boon, not a hook. It's a game contract issue. Meaning that the stories I generate around it will generally be positive in nature, for example Fiona's trip to The Land of Giants. Fiona experienced a change in the time she was there. I don't anticipate using the regio entrances against the players. They aren't the kinds of stories I'm interested in. Is it possible that character actions could change this? Sure. Fiona and Laetitia could annoy the residents of where they're going to visit, and you might have some problems with that particular entrance. Characters may find one way exits, and one way entrances. So, whether the Tribunal and Tournament are held in the Regio or outside, it's possible something might develop with entrances, but given the nature of the Regio boon, it probably won't involve House Guernicus.

So, lull your characters into a false sense of security, nothing untoward related to the regios has ever happened. Pursue the stories and development you're interested, or are necessary as a result of Apollodorus's recent passing.

Just for sanity/story sake I think we have named 4 of the magical Mercere

Lycurgus, Plutarchus and Azura are the three in Iberia. In some thread JL named the eldest Gifted Mercere but I can't find it now.

I'd asked you to name and sketch him out a bit. I don't have anything on him. I can do that, if you're not interested.
Also, Viscaria has or has read a book by another Magical Mercere, when I did a quick search.

I'm going to say that Korvin is the only Magical Mercere in Normandy, because of the concentration in Iberia. There's an Attravere in Stonehenge, too.

I've got all the Magical Merceres sketched out for Albion I could send you, to either use, modify, or discard.

Korvin is canon for Albion, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a primus worthy one? De facto head of the Magical Mercere's, or one worthy of that title?

Yep, the eldest one (assigned to Rome, who lives at Harco full-time) is sort of a father-figure for most young Mercere magi.

I'll translate my godawful shorthand into something resembling complete sentences and then ship it over to you.

A few years ago he got an awesome offer from House Tremere to be their guest...

Did he put their service to the test?

Those detailed are "Eyes Only".

I was making a Disney reference!