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Of course! This was in no way a critic of what you did, and I apologize if it came that way.

Not at all. You were very diplomatic. :slight_smile:

Redcaps get a level 50 LR for free at age 35. So the price listed is as normal minus the cost of what they get for free.

I have not checked the LR math yet. But as far as Redcap player characters in general, I do recall the original inent back in the day was to elevate them to "main character" status. Not quite as powerful as a Mythic Companion (though heroes were encouraged, no one ever went that route). The idea was to give them an "economic advantage" to make them comprable to magi in influence. I revised it down (though I may have missed some things), but some things were grandfathered in with Fedora.
As for Celia, I say let it fly. The caveat is that she is not a member of the covenant. Lucas is the man his house wants on post and replaces Fedora. Fedora transfers to Barcelona, Tiana goes to Harco, Vulcanus goes somewhere (still thinking), and Celia is on the Pyrenees circuit and travels a lot.

Don't suppose anyone would be amenable to a nephelim character? It's an idea I've been curious about trying out...


Nope, sorry

I figured as much, but it only hurts to ask when you ask for it to hurt.

And that is a whole different game.


I myself have discouraged overtly infernal/divine as to avoid theological conflicts.

I've started to roll up Isolde (Antoine's fiancée) as a Companion, but I've hit a query immediately. Antoine has her as a True Love major flaw, on the basis that she wasn't intended to be a "character", let alone a companion. It is, of course, necessary that Isolde has a matching True Love for Antoine. Should that be the minor Virtue, since Antoine is a PC?

I'll need to think how to make her interesting, as well. She wasn't pictured as doing much but sewing in Hungary :laughing:. Maybe she'll have to find an unexpected Supernatural ability.

IMO, yes, it should.

And what's wrong with her being a "normal" person? Take Mina Harker, in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the awesome comics, not the movie bearing the same name but having nothing to do whatsoever with it). She has no special powers or ability, but just rules because of her strong personnality and ideas.

Isolde does't need to be special to be heard of respected :wink:

Agreed. Take True Love as a Minor Story Flaw. No need to add anything fantastic or supernatural. I would prefer you didn't anyway.

Ok. I'm fine with that; I should be able to find mundane ways to make her interesting and useful.

On which note; would it be allowable to take "Affinity with Living Languages"? I think, technically, one should take e.g. "Affinity with French", but I think it might be nice (not to mention expedient, given she's a foreigner) to have Isolde find she has a propensity for learning other languages in general.

My opinion is that this should be allowed given that there is an advantage "linguist" (HoH:societies p.25) which gives 25% bonus to all living and dead languages, an affinity for living languages only would seem appropriate.

Is there? I didn't know that. I'd be willing to take that, as being canon; although I'd probably prefer Affinity - Living to Linguist - all.

"Linguist" is the way to go. Living Languages are each separate abilities. And she doesn't need it anyways. She has a hand maiden and a husband/fiance that speak her language and there is a cat that has the Gift of Tongues.
Don't do anything fancy or tricky that needs a HR. Give her Puissant Weaving or something.

When would Fausto be teaching single weapon? If he is willing to give semi-private lessons to Donna and Yenni that would be great as well...

The only season he's scheduled for it is summer 1234. Normally I'd say he's at our disposal, but with so many characters involved now we might want to put him on a semi-standard schedule.

Fausto held fight classes in the Summer and Fall of 1234, after teaching Leadership in Spring. Moe was teaching Bootcamp (Profession-Soldier). In Wintwer 1235, Fausto took a break and Moe died in his sleep from old age.
Fausto does not yet have a schedual set for Spring/Summer/Fall. Roberto advocates another round of classes. Fausto and Fight School, Armando with Boot Camp, and the two new teachers Draganna and Marius for Latin and Magic Lore. Student priority based on paticipation in the City of Brass expedition.
But that is just a suggestion on the floor :slight_smile:

Can experienced players help me? What's the best order to read books on the same subject? For instance, if I want to study Penetration from our library, I can choose L8/Q12 and L5/Q11 Summae, Q11 and Q10 Tractati. As I understand it, there's no point reading a Summa once you're above the stated level, and you can only read a Tractatus once. Does that mean the correct order is likely to be:

  1. L5 Summa (until L5)
  2. L8 Summa (until L8)
  3. Tractati in either order

Secondly, I don't have any lab creation rules, because they're missing from the core book. Can a kind soul help me out when it comes to Antoine setting up shop (or forge, as it may be!)

I would skip the 5/11 book altogether and just read the book with the highest quality from the start. I generally assume tractatus are best used when you've reached the level limit of available summae.