[Table Talk] Has this game died?

Hi everyone, there have been no posts for a month, is anyone still checking this board?


I'm still here.

I'm here, but I've been wondering the same thing.

Any ideas for where to go from here? Maybe start a new one if this one is through?

If you wish to start anything I could join but I don't have the time to manage a game.

I'm not much of an SG, I can help out with an existing saga but not create one myself. Shame, we were the first of the PbP games on here - looks like we're the first to die as well.

I wouldn't be able to run one unfortunately. MIght be able to help out as well.

Hello everybody

Are we interested in starting another campaign or should we let things rest? As I mentioned above I don’t have the time to take on more campaigns for the moment but sure love to be a part of one. Perhaps we can make a Novus Mane like campaign, where everybody contributes a bit to the background and we take turns to tell stories. How many would like to do something like that?

I'd be willing to provide material.

I have a covenant fully made, it's posted at the SHR site. I also have 3 old Magi that could populate it (they don't need to though).

The covenant is fully designed and could be placed anywhere, though was originally designed for the Rhine Tribunal.

Check out the new game starting. It is perhaps better if you and I are the only ones left.

Which one are you talking about, do you have a link?

OK, I think I found it.

Hey folks. I didn't hear anything from anyone in God knows how long. Where'd y'all go, now?

Well this game died so I went of to other games.

I contacted the GM and confirmed that Lost Lake has come to an abrupt end. I'm archiving it in the Retired section. Thanks to everyone who played!

If anyone from the game would like to take it over at some point, let me know and I can re-open it.