Table Talk (OOC)

In the interests of moving forward, I suggest we post character plans here.

Wolfgang is learning the aegis, then binding his familiar. During that time and for the rest of the year he will be corresponding with everyone in the ash gild, ostensibly to let them know where he has settled down, but actually to sound people out for sponsorship. At a winter council meeting, he will go over what sponsors, if any, he feels good about, and discuss next steps with the others who have close ties to the Rhine (Julia and Marcus, mainly, I think?).

Marcus would like to install his lab and either work on some trade goods for the covenant or improve his lab. He would be more than happy to help Wolgang, and to go on the diplomatic mission if people want him. He will also send letters to everyone in the rhine who he thinks he might still have positive relationships with.

Let's use the saga calendar for planned activities. I know I indicated this was for saga-wide events, but it's also a planning tool. As things actually happen we can clean up each season from individual activities.

Should we put everything there, or just the stuff that could relate to stories? The former will get crowded, I think.

In the planning stage, we can put a summary of what each magus intends on doing. Once time passes and those activities happen, I will delete stuff that is not saga-wide.

It may get crowded. That why I split things up with only 1 post per year. We'll see and adjust is necessary.

Note that a Quaesitor is only given free access to Mercere Portals when they are performing their quaesitorial duties, so if you plan on using portals then you should expect to pay for their use.

Claiming free passage when actually using them for personal uses would be considered an abuse of his position, if it is ever found out.

I'm expecting Tugurium to pay for travel expenses, but that could be discussed.


I'm new to play by forum games, so where this scene is starting to run down (it seems), what do we do now?

Not sure if it's running down or if we are waiting for other people to manifest before going on. Maybe a bit of both. =P

To me the only important thing that I'd still like to discuss with the council (and that maybe we could discuss OOC) is if everyone agrees that travel expenses should be compensated by Tugurium (maybe up to a few pawns, eg., 5), because this changes Regulus itinerary a bit.

@Arthur, how did Augustus Nero and Regulus arrived at Tugurium? I was assuming portals + Cunfin, but... I was also assuming that there was a small retinue with Augustus, but is this true? If so, is this retinue going to return by foot?

Finally, perusing the library records of Confluensis would require how much time? I'm thinking that most of the season would be required (so saving 20 days of travel time makes some difference), but if you tell me that a couple of days would suffice... What I'm trying to avoid is to spend one season going, one season researching and one season returning.

I am running a plotline starting in autumn, is it possible for me to get a thread to start running it?

Do you have a name in mind for that story?

Regulus and Augustus arrived by foot, along with a few grogs and covenfolks that are to stay at the new covenant. He was planning on returning via magic.

They travelled over land directly from Confluensis to Tugurium, which is a journey of almost a month.

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Trouble with the Telsbergs?

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I'd like everyone to fill in at least their planned activities for Spring 1205 season in the Saga Calendar.

Just to be sure, I think there is a mismatch in the Saga Calendar years (the first post should be 1205, but it is 1204). We are currently in Spring 1205. The idea is to have the planned activities for 1205 or all seasons up to Spring 1206?

I made the corrections at the same time as I was typing my previous post. The calendar now starts with 1205.

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Ooof. This is why travel magic exists! :smiley:

Augustus tried to convey to Regulus that mundane land travel has its place in Hermetic life. Something about seeing how mundanes live, what is happening on the ground, rumours and tales, conditions of the normal people, etc. :wink:


Augustus just shaked his head, acknowledging the lack of patience of youth.


Travel magic is overrated. What we need is magic equipment for travel. Where are the carts without horses produced by the verditii? The giant iron snakes that gobble down people, cross the land in one night and regurgitate them safely at the end of the journey? =9

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