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Where the troupe can share out-of-character information, issues and ask questions about the game or something else. If you will be offline for more than a couple of days, for example, this is where you should tell us!

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Uhm, l have a problem: each post in topics l follow goes to my email. How can l stop it?

At the bottom of this page you should see a tracking option that you can change.

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True, but l want to track all topics here so they gets counted at my profile in the top right corner.

Oh, I see. You want to receive notifications but not have notifications go to your email. I would expect that control to be in the user preferences when you click on your symbol in the upper-right, but I don't see it available within those user preferences. Maybe it's something Atlas has not set up.

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Click on your profile (top right icon with your avatar)

User preferences > Emails


Cool, mighty thanks!

Are there really only five people in the history of the new forum that have used the wiki option? That's pretty funny. (looking at the Wiki Editor badge)

Considering the number of us right here that have done it, it looks like we might be a cutting-edge game on the forums. :slight_smile:

A question was asked recently on the Ars Magic forum (to which no one could offer an answer), which made me think about what it could mean to change a regular post into a wiki. I extrapolated from there and voilà! Ain't that cool?

Very, very cool. That means we can manage a lot of stuff right here without going to wikidot or similar.

Just because Plot_Device moved away from it, the idea for a mist or fog magus using elemental magic could work with a couple restrictions on spell design I think.

You could accomplish it by by only sticking to effects among the elemental forms. Eg, you could make a mist that burns people like magma, or it's actually a mist of vitriol etc. Elemental magic would let you ignore those form prerequisites.

The other way I think would be to stick to effects of equal or lower level to that of making the mist. You might not be able to make a mist that turns people into pigs easily, but I think you could reasonably make a mist that gives people the eyes of a cat and the ears of a bat.

I've just been liking posts where I agree and have no additional comments. I hope that's obvious but wanted to make sure.


Well, l'm strongly against any spell that could create sudo-enchanted item or substance.
For instance, it's fine when spell creates X with unnatural qualities (like storm that rains down not water, but fire). And there's lot of examples in the books.
But it's not fine when spell creates X that, in turn, apply effects of another spell(s) to other targets. There's no example of this and this is broken as...Like, it's very broken.

Speaking about this particular topic, but also just in case it would be relevant in the future.

UPD: Unless there's some Mystery that specifically allows that.

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I mean, it takes a major hermetic virtue to pull off, and I don't really see how it is going to be significantly better or worse than many other "usual" ways of using other high level spells.

As for using a fog as the primary effect, I think the highest you could reasonably make it is by varying the duration from conc/diameter up to moon. Conc/diam could only have effects below level 5, so pretty weak stuff. A sun duration fog could could "carry" effects below level 10, and moon duration below 15. This of course all goes by troupe approval, but we're already talking about a spell that is going to be probably another 10+ levels at least. That's another big jump to penetrate on whatever you're targeting over just the usual method of spell delivery.

it takes a major hermetic virtue

No, it doesn't: if we would rule this as allowed, anyone could do it with, for example, CrIm 1: create sound that does other stuff. Of course, it would not be based on Imaginem, but effect of CrIm 1 would allow it to, essentially, replicate Bjornar Mystery (and the strongest one).

You should compre only the Base of the effects, not the total level. So a fog could only remain the primary effect if it carries an effect of Base 2 or less.

The spell will only have a single duration, so all effects end at the same time. The Target depends on what the primary effect is.