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I was out of touch longer than expected over Christmas, but I'm still here.

Would anyone have been at the last Grand Tribunal and then at the Flambeau tournament in 1196 and possibly have fathered a child? Not necessary, but I realized I could leave that open if desired.

Would be hard for Celeste to father a child...

You know the current system fits your "natural" better. Take a look at climates. Typically northern hottest times are July-August. Coldest times tend to be slightly earlier, but they're also a few weeks after the winter solstice.

The rough idea is that things aren't hot until they've been heated and aren't cold until they've been cooled. So while you're doing the most heating/cooling around the solstices, you need to have done so to reach the hottest and coldest temperatures.That's why the peak temperature extremes show up closer to 1 month after the solstices. All of this is noticeably affected by local patterns based on mountains, water currents, air currents, etc. But that gives the ballpark.

With both convention and temperatures matching, I prefer starting seasons with seasons or equinoxes.

That's why, as she's more open like many Redcaps, she's moving more toward women. Otherwise she's always pregnant, which really gets in the way of personal ambition.

Seasons beginning at eq. and sol. is far from being an universal convention, and don't really match temperature, biological cycles, weather, climate behavior, etc (for temperature there is a mismatch of about 20 days, meteorological spring begins March 1st). But I'm not actually arguing for a change in our reckoning. I was just explaining why my initial request was to set Giant Trouble in Spring, recognizing that this is not really in accord with what others might expect, and indicating that it is easily corrected if we just change it from Spring to Winter. ^^

I've always considered that Hermetic seasons begin at the day of the equinox/solstice. Since this is my saga, let's just say that what it is here. :slight_smile:

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Probably one of the cadet branches of the wider Telsberg family tree. Or so does Clusius offers, based on the notes left by Leonardus and what little information Julius* is able to provide.

*Julius doesn't really get out of the covenant much, nor does the mundane affairs interest him much.

It's already part of our canon that we hung out together during that tournament, that would definitely take Wolfgang by surprise if you wanted to go there.

Was he at Grand Tribunal? I think it fits his timeline, but I'm not sure he's there. It really just depends how early in the season he left to find Sordus. Mariana does gravitate toward Flambeau, so it would be fitting. But I don't want to do it if you don't want it, as locking a player into having a child is significant.

I didn't mention the Grand Tribunal but since he was apprenticed at Durenmar he was there. I made mention of the Flambeau tournament at Castra Solis in 1196 though.

I think it would add to the fun, so I'm good with it, especially if she never told him (I'm not sure if that's how she is or not).

The plan had been to bring the infant to Castra Solis, but I could not do that, too.

Well he was at Grand Tribunal, that's where he was sworn in. But I have 1194 GT vs 1196 Flambeau tourney. Did I screw up the years?

Canonically the Grand Tribunal was in 1195. HoH:TL p.13 says they're held every 33 years (with the exception of emergency and some original ones before the schedule was set). The dates count from 832.

832 The third meeting of the Grand Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. The 33 year schedule of Grand Tribunals is set. (HoH:TL p.144)

So that would be 832, 865, 898, 931, 964, 997, 1030, 1063, 1096, 1129, 1162, 1195, 2028, 1261, 1294, ...

The back of GotF explicitly lists 832 (with the same note), 865, 898, 931, 964, 997, 1030, 1063, 1096, 1129, 1162, and 1195. The back of GotF also notes the Rhine Tribunal meeting of 1194 being a year late to adjust for the Grand Tribunal (as Tribunals meet a year prior). Separately there are:

at the Grand Tribunal of 1195 (GotF p.13)
In 865 the Grand Tribunal (GotF p.16)
At the Grand Tribunal of 1030 (GotF p.18)
The Grand Tribunal of 1163 (GotF p.18)
As the Grand Tribunal of 1261 approaches (GotF p.112)

So the line looks pretty consistent. It also happens these are the same years listed in the 4th editions WGRE, which explicitly lists 1228, 1261, and 1294 as upcoming years for Grand Tribunals and also marks Grand Tribunals in 865, 898, 931, 997, 1063, 1096, and 1195.

We don't have to use those years, but it would keep things consistent with HoH:TL, GotF, and maybe some other books.

I screwed up the year then, simple enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

He's still in Durenmar in 1195 so would have been at Grand Tribunal.

OK, cool. I'll write him in as the father then. If you want him not to have seen the infant at the Flambeau tournament, I can write it that way, too.

whatever would make the most sense for what Mariana would have done. I was just thinking if he did know he would have done things differently.

Seeing her golden crucifix and Agnes’ name meaning pure/holy, my shot in the dark is that our trouble is going to be Church related.

I wonder what’s in the box.

I left open the opportunity for one of the other magi to join the meeting if the players so desire. It might be risky to add more people with the Gift, but I'm okay with that if they want to be there.

Something that has been on my list of "interesting shapes for vis" for some time now. It felt like the proper time to use it. =]

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I appreciate the fungal dead man’s hand :smile:. And I should get another year up for Pando soon.

It would seem we can reasonably rule out Burgraff Telsberg‘s scribe as a spy for Agnes, if we were to further investigate that. Likewise, it seems unlikely to be the Burgraff’s steward or messenger as well (I can’t recall if we got the letter by redcap).

Likewise, Agnes was quite vague about who found the vis. It could just be a peasant with magic lore otherwise unaffiliated with Agnes. On the other hand, if it’s a hedge wizard in Agnes’ court or a hermetic magus giving vis to mundanes, then things get a bit more interesting