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Seeing her golden crucifix and Agnes’ name meaning pure/holy, my shot in the dark is that our trouble is going to be Church related.

I wonder what’s in the box.

I left open the opportunity for one of the other magi to join the meeting if the players so desire. It might be risky to add more people with the Gift, but I'm okay with that if they want to be there.

Something that has been on my list of "interesting shapes for vis" for some time now. It felt like the proper time to use it. =]

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I appreciate the fungal dead man’s hand :smile:. And I should get another year up for Pando soon.

It would seem we can reasonably rule out Burgraff Telsberg‘s scribe as a spy for Agnes, if we were to further investigate that. Likewise, it seems unlikely to be the Burgraff’s steward or messenger as well (I can’t recall if we got the letter by redcap).

Likewise, Agnes was quite vague about who found the vis. It could just be a peasant with magic lore otherwise unaffiliated with Agnes. On the other hand, if it’s a hedge wizard in Agnes’ court or a hermetic magus giving vis to mundanes, then things get a bit more interesting

For the giant, a good start might be to scout out the roads as we escort the redcap back to Basel or see if any of the letters he brought contain news of the giant.

The letters are regular correspondence from the Order.

I imagine Clusius correspondence has a few letters from other magi indicating their willingness to join Tugurium (Mariana, Pando, Celeste...?).

As for the other letters, what makes sense for each magi. Regulus probably received a request for clarification about one or two points in his statement about what he saw in the Fall of Constantinople, a couple of letters from friends in Thebes, and maybe a few responses from magi he met in Normandy during the Spring and Summer of 1204 about what books, items and lab texts they would be willing to sell or trade with us.

Reply coming soon for the Telsberg story. Sorry for the delay but the week started with 2 long days at work.

I know the feeling. I just got hammered in early January, but future Januaries should be much easier now. I just worked about 12+ hours a day on the weekdays and 4+ hours a day on weekends for three weeks.

For some reason I didn't get notifications on replies recently, but I see some to reply to now.

I should be able to respond to the story tomorrow.

@Plot_Device, are you going to play Dagny and Gwyneth also, or should someone else manage them?

If anyone wants to grab a handful of grogs, I'm sure the turb has a few good men. Simon Le Blanc and Argus (Regulus teen servant with a penchant for stealing and trouble) are also available.

Further down the road @Reminiscent's companion and his men will be joining the story, so I reckon someone could also play them if there is interest (how many of his men will be alive will depend on how fast Wolfgang can find the giant :smiling_imp:).

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I can run a or a few grogs if needed while I finish up on background.

I'm fine either way. I was assuming someone else might want to play them, but if not they will just be less talkative.

is anyone planning to join in on the Giant hunt? Please post away! :smiley: I'll give it the weekend cause I don't post much on the weekend anyway.

I was planning on playing a grog (or all of them if needed).

Unless Wolfgang judges that Clusius can be useful. He did offer to accompany the group, although he is not really suited to such a story.

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Regarding Telsberg Trouble, maybe we could go ahead with a fuzzy retinue. 2~3 guards, 2 servants; one of them is prone to gossip and keeps up with the Kard… Telsberg. I could voice him/her, and the rest fade to the background. If someone else joins, just color one of the grogs in the background and bring him forward.

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For the Telsberg Trouble, to riff off a minor hook I could play the cook frustrated with the leafy green shortage, determined to accompany the magi to buy greens in town to solve the shortage once and for all while acting as a servant.

Or alternatively Clusius’s shield grog Louis. Or another grog if Arthur would rather play Louis.

I like the idea, but I struggle to see when the cook would have the time to go buy vegetables if the rest of the group is going to the Telsberg Keep. Plenty of reasons for him to follow the group, though. Trading recipes with the Telsberg's cook (preferably something that doesn't use vegetables), keeping tabs on his nephew (who managed to get a job as a stable boy), getting away from the weird atmosphere of the covenant... or even just because. =]

He could also be the one who is familiar with nobility and has some social skills! An old cook with Gossip and a suitable personality flaw?

Since the story is happening in the fall, after the harvests, the cook might legitimely want to track down and purchase some harder to find produce that aren't available in Chastellion. I like the idea that he might come along. Perhaps he is a distant cousin of the Telsberg's head cook? He could have lost his mother of vinegar and is looking to obtain a new one from the keep?

Louis can certainly come along. If someone else wants to play him, so much the better. :slight_smile:

I'll post in Giant Problem and Trouble with Telsbergs in about 10hrs, give or take.

For Trouble with Telsberg I’ll assume we have someone who is at least passably knowledgeable about the nobles (either the cook or a servant).

I was planning on writing a post today describing Clusius' party's arrival at Telsberg keep. :wink:

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