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OK, I can embed a photo in text, lifting it from the wetpaint wiki. I cannot get an image of Domazhir from the wiki, despite having resized it to fit the 80px by 80px for an avatar (which is the word for which I was groping). Here is the image I'd like to use, but I keep getting an "invalid URL" from the avatar secion, yet I can get it to appear here!

Yours confusedly.


Are you an administrator? I read the FAQ about avatars and was directed to "a board administrator" to allow me to have an avatar.


Oh. Avatar. Got it.

Go to your User Control Panel. Then click on Profile (second tab from the left).

Then click on "Edit Avatar" (third option, on the left hand side).

Once there, you can upload an image (max 80 by 80 pixels and 6.00 kb).

And I don't remember ever having to contact anyone to be allowed to have an avatar.

Hopefully that should get you pretty close.

Thanks Ray, I've done all of the above, with the result of "invalid URL," or some such.


Hunh. Just tried tinkering with my avatar and it worked fine. So, either the url you were using is, indeed, invalid, or there's something else wrong and maybe you should check with a mod to see if they can help you get it figured out.


The URL is valid (see above). Perhaps Kevin will be able to do something about it, as he had to authorise access to these pages, IIRC.

Weird. The URL opens when I cut and paste it into my browser window, but when I try to change my avatar to that image, I get the Invalid URL message also. I'm clueless.

It "might" be due to file size, at just over 8kb. I'm trying to reduce it by erasing the background.

I'll be away for about two weeks, back on 29th (I think). Very limited internet where I'll be, so witter at you later.


I'm not sure what my administrator privileges are, I guess I should check into that. I am pretty sure they only apply "in here" (the saga) though.

And to bring everyone up to speed including those playing along at home (i.e. our audience):

Have just moved into a new house with fiancee (well she is living there, I'm not til we get married), am getting married on October 21, and am working a lot to pay for it all so I've been offline mostly for a month.

But things will pick up again after 10/21.

Wott? No honeymoon!! Egads man! I hope the wedding was all you both hoped for.

Due to some family crises, I hope/expect that I'll be back on deck some time in the middle of November [He writes more in hope than actual expectation. Ed.]

Problems are there to be solved :slight_smile:

I am very nearly back to up to speed. I shall addrress the matter of Jenhay and his horses in the not too distant future. I hope no-one was affected by the recent disruptions in the U.S. (both political and natural).

Nope...still here, waiting for Kevin-sama to get back and pick stuff up.

Still here

checks for pulse