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Have we started yet?

Not that I can see.


Just checking in for a quick status update?

Is this game still a go (crosses fingers) or should we just give up on it and move it to the "Retired" section.

Personally, I still would like to give it a shot.

Greetings, sodales!

After two years hiatus, Mystikae Eikona is BACK!

Briefly, in the last two years I have battled cancer (lymphoma) and won, lost my apartment and had to move, lost my job, regained part time work at the same job, been underemployed for over a year, gotten a new full time job that caters to another hobby (I like trains, and now I'm delivering and picking up train crews by car), reconnected with my ex-wife and will be marrying her again in October....

I apologize to all of you for suddenly disappearing--the cancer was serious and after treatment I simply was not in a mental state to do much. I ask your forgiveness for not at least letting you know what was going on. My promise to you now is that you will be kept informed if I must be away for any length of time, and that the saga will NOT be "just let go" but if we must go we will work out a dignified ending for it.

The four original players have all expressed their strong desire to recommence, and so here we are. Honestly I think that is enough but if Steelwolf is still around and still interested, I will happily add him back to the list of players as well.

Please note the wetpaint blog is still active if you need your character info.

Ivan asked permission to make some character tweaks and I am amenable to allowing that. If any player would like to make some minor tweaks, just let me know what you've done and if possible go and update your character information on wetpaint.

Thanks, and good gaming to all!

No longer lost in a world of his own

That is so awesome!

Also awesome! Mazel tov!

I'll take a look at mine and see if there are any changes that have to be made.

Lucky bugger! A job doing something you enjoy is a dream!


Kudos to Peregrine for the Mazel tov!

Brief update from me:

Accounting is bad for the soul. I've needed some quality pharmaceuticals over the last couple of years to counter the depression that always lurked, and was exacerbated by the soul destroying jobs I was doing. Much better now, but only recently have my marbles become less scrambled.

Tweaked Domazhir has been sent

Please re-familiarize yourself with the protocols for posting in the Chapters.


Note: you do NOT need to share "secret information" that I have given you "behind the scenes" though you may if you wish to do so.

How you post is entirely up to you, though "in character" is important. Just make sure it is clear what you intend to do with your time.

Chapter 1 is posted, so have at you! :smiley:

What I've seen done in the sagas I play in on here is, major character dialogue (magi and companions) is in a coloured text. For example, I would do Peregrine's in [color=blue]a blue font, while Ariagne's would be [color=purple]in purple. It doesn't take long before you can tell at a glance who's saying what...not only by the way they speak but the colour of their words.

And we also normally put ooc in ((double brackets, thusly.))

And since it seems to work, that's how I will probably be doing mine, if nobody minds.

I think In the original protocols I said talking would be in red, but different colors for different people would work too. Saving bold and italics and underline for actions....

Oh, and do you want the MetaCreator files, or the .rtf/.html output? Main thing I did was drop a couple of Minor Flaws and added a Major (since, apparently, you're only allowed like 5 Minors, 2 Personality, and 1 Story), and add a spell to get to 120 levels (123, actually), and to get to the right number of points spent.

You may send MC files. Note that I do not have the Mysteries Revised/Mystery Cults MC addon, but I do have all the others to date.

Send to my nikolaibard address.

Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason we're reposting all the characters here instead of using the wiki?

To give me something to do. :slight_smile:

I'd like to have character information here to make it easier to access for everyone. plus it makes me look like I'm committed. Or like I should be committed. One or the other. :slight_smile:

Is how I'm writing for Domazhir sufficiently clear for everyone?

Fine with me :slight_smile:

Works for me.


How do I get images attached to me, and embed them in the text? I found it very easy on wetpaint, but have not had success here.


Are you talking about embedding pictures in the body of the message (which would be [ img ] the image url [ /img ], but remove the spaces), or a picture in your sig line? I just checked the edit signature on my user control panel, and it doesn't look like you can add an image to your signature.

Hi Ray,

I'd like to attach an image of Domazhir to my ID, as you have of a peregrine for Peregrine, and to be able to embed images in text, frex: The outlines of Domazhir's staff/family. .
Gwilim ab Ieuan

OK, that looks like a go!

I'll have a potter about with getting Domazhir sorted.

Thanks Ray.