[Table Talk] Return of Table Talk

Ya, that does make sense, tho' perhaps lack of any sense of self-preservation is a better explanation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with ice storm! That's some kinda harshly beautiful, mean weather.

I have a good idea of what Azaelle will be up to and I'll do my homework this weekend, I promise. :smiley: I've been terrible about it so far. Thanks for your patience, Kryslin.

Before I got to the "when pressed on the matter" b it, I did think, "right, how can I get Corvus in there". So yes, that works.

Ice storm was overrated. 'Gloom and Doom' makes ratings, "Oh, it's not going to be so bad, because it'll be above freezing most of the day!" does not.


During the summer Albertus Pictor will do any of the following. Kryslin will have to decide what’s possible. Albertus will:

A. Set up a lab.
B. If no lab is possible read a book on Vim that he can lay his hands on.
C. If a lab is available he will experiment with Muto Vim magic’s to start his original research project.

The current lab situation is as follows:

Stephan - Kallius' .
Daggin - Glendower's.
Mathius - Torsten's.
Rhiannon - Building.
Corvus - Building.
Fabrica- Building.

The last remaining lab is set up as a hospital, and the general consensus is to let it remain as such, provided a suitable Chirugeon or Physician is found.

So, Option 2 it is, while Albertus' lab is built. Look HERE for the arcane library.

Your lab, whose layout you do have some input will be built during the summer season. Also, basic lab equipment has been ordered; Anything special will have to be discussed with Deirdre and Angus.


Is there any chance that Albertus can lay his hands on a few pawn of vim vis and studiy from them? Or shall I ask Deirdre or Angus?

What's wrong with the Library? Quality 11 just not good enough? :confused: (Q17 if score is 6 or less.)

While there are 16 Vim vis in stock, we have no annual source, making those a precious commodity for the covenant.

IC Daggin would vote an imperious "No" on that, especially since there are other viable options. OOC, it seems a bit over-optimistic and short-sighted, and a bit of a meta-game to assume "we'll just find some before we need it".

IC, Daggin would suggest that, if A wanted to take some pawns of some other Art (one we can replace!) and go trade it, that would be fine. Daggin is not the most sympathetic type, sorry. 8)

On that note, I guess that if we are currently harvesting ~35 vis/season total, that's only 3/magus/year, max, assuming Dierdre and Mab aren't taking extra shares as "senior" magi. (Dierdre & Mab, Albertus, Azaelle, Corvus, Daggin, Fabrica, Mathius, Stephen make 9 magi, less the Aegis, less anything else covenant oriented.)

(Did the Vis for the couple recent enchantments get deducted from Stores? The Knife of Terram?)

Of course, currently, the big D makes all the decisions; Angus would have nothing to do with magical resources, I'd think. (We gotta finish that Charter at some point!)

I will re-iterate something :

Lough Caillte is in somewhat of a disorganized state right now; Take what you've seen of Mab's antics. Imagine what would happen if she seriously tried to help. Resources the covenant should have are unaccounted for, and players will need to make a conscious and directed effort to find those 'lost' resources.

I won't railroad characters into searching - it's bad game mastering on my part - but neither will I hesitate to Hit you over the head with a hint the size of an ACME (tm) anvil...

There are 750 points of unknown resources - originally thought to be books and such, but could possibly be much more, divided by 6 players and the GM, it's around 100 build points each (with the GM taking up the slack). One player submitted a list, and I have my (admittedly short) list. E-mail ideas that use the covenant build points from the core book or covenants book to me, or PM me.

Granted, this is me being lazy; However, neither did I want to build a covenant that was grossly optimized for it's current inhabitants, but one that was in a state of disarray, one that could be great, with a little work.

Albertus Pictor borrows a book on magic theory. If possible the summae and studies it for the season.

Vim vis for the Knife came from Dierdre. She's not against sharing if it benefits the covenant. Both Mab and Dierdre have vis squirrelled away, not counted against the covenant stores. However, asking them for some means owing favors... :smiling_imp:

Summer Activities are:
Rhiannon - Study Creo Summa
Fabrica - Study Aquam Summa
Albertus - Study MT Summa
Azaelle - Lab Project
Mathius - ???
Stephan - Tutoring Local Nobility
Daggin - Lab Project, (noted above)
Mab - Lab Project
Deirdre - Lab Project
Corvus - ??? (Researching The Curse, maybe?)

I believe that's everyone...

Coming soon, a brief council meeting ... Always a fun thing. :slight_smile:


At the risk of making a tit of himself, Corvus is going to be hawking his services to Dierdre (or Mab if Dierdre turns him down) for the meagre sum of 4 pawns of Vim vis. Birdfeed really. Well, certainly nothing to crow about.

He doesn't much mind what they might need doing (the more daring and/or unusual the better) but the price is 4 pawns of Vim vis...

Oh my God. You are a nut. :laughing:

I know. I crake me up...

No... That was bad. It must be late.

I probably should point out, for clarity, that Corvus is looking for something "daring" or at very least "interesting" to do. He's not looking to sweep the lab floors for 4 pawns of vis.

If that something just happens to be something to do with the curse...

The grinding noises you here is the clutch on the storyguide's thought processes as he downshifts without clutching and begins thinking of "interesting things" that Corvus, or anyone at the covenant, for that matter, could do. :smiling_imp:

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
...Should you be caught, the Praeco will disavow any knowledge of you or your mission ...This message will now self destruct." :smiley:


I accept! I accept!

Now, what's the mission?

I think Corvus would like to find a way to help Dierdre end the curse/geas early. His perspective is, as has been stated, he doesn't see why successive generations of Dierdre's lineage should be punished.

He's a good soul really is our Corvus.

Well, only in that there are no "English" in existence in the 1200's... 8)

Is he an Anglo-Saxon, or a Norman? (or from some lesser minority group?) I ask because it would matter IC to Daggin (who is Frankish), and because it matters which language he speaks as native.

Ops! :blush:

Albertus if of Saxon heritage.

There are a few times you don't say that you work as a history teacher. :blush:

Ah, a stout, bullet-headed Saxon mother's son... (bloody peasant.) :laughing:

For modern folk, it's hard to wrap your head around, sometimes, at least without specific effort - too easy to think of England or France geographically, and then slip into referring to "the English" or "the French" as if they were all one, one unifying language, culture and government. Italy may be the worst, but it's pretty much the same almost everywhere (except under Islam, oddly enough.) :unamused:

Within the bounds of almost any country (inc. tiny Switzerland!), dialects are at times so varied as to prevent mutual understanding, which is just a pain.

(I think there are some books in the covenant Library on or in "Anglish", but I'd have to double check. It was suggested at one point. I know Norman is covered. Don't know if Saxon was different from "Anglish" at this point, for these purposes.)