[Table Talk] Return of Table Talk

And we're up and running again.


Assuming this is the new table talk forum, who wants toplay Caleb and Carhl? Also can we get a show of hans on who is oing out to beat the bushes?

Me, Caleb, Carhl, who else is definitely going?

Corvus and Conner are going. I'm presuming that Corvus will go in crow form led by the bird we've just met.

Mathius will be going to where the corpse is. He will be travelling by foot.

I, of course, am along for the ride, being God, Diedre, Mab, Carhi, Carhl, Rhiannon, etc... :slight_smile:

Should have something to continue this mess tomorrow...


Colin Smith will focus on making sure of the security of his own family. I'm OK with handwaving that. I can pick up Caleb, is someone can send me is sheet by e-mail.


Azaelle and Uza will be going. YAY! This sounds like fun!

I'll send it to you

Well, that was odd. For some reason, the last couple of days, atlas-games website has been locking up my computer - my screen would go white, and then the machine is locked up. Weird.

Anyway, Sunday's post is now up.


What's the best way to indicate spell-casting in the story threads.

I have used the quote tags for stuff that isn't "script" or "stage directions". And should we just go ahead and put our casting totals in and let Steve tells us on/off-line what happens? It's what we've done before so I just wanted to check that this is okay for everyone.

In Corvus' last post, he cast a level 2 Sense of Infernal power to check whether he was in an Infernal aura. I assumed that he made it (well, he didn't botch at this end) and also assumed that the aura wasn't Infernal.

Of course, his next spell will need to be interactive... He's going to attempt a Whispers through the Black Gate...

The answer to your question:

If it's not a stress situation, don't worry about the roll. However, I expect Fatigue loss to be kept track of. For all intents and purposes, I'm counting all non-stress casting rolls handled this way as a roll of 6. However, if you want to roll, PM or e-mail me, and then knock yourself out.

And to return a value from the In.Vi.InInfernalAura() function call...

Function returns False; No infernal Aura


I don't have net access on the weekend right now so if anything exciting happens, I wont know until Monday. have a good weekend everybody!

Corvus casts a spontaneous ceremonial Whispers Through the Black Gate.

45 fatiguing minutes (divide casting total by 2 and lose a fatigue level)
Sta: 1
In: 10
Co: 8
An: 10 (he's casting with an animal requisite because... well, just because)
Me: 6 (this is the requisite so this gets used in the total)
Artes Lib (ceremonial): 3+1
Philo (ceremonial): 3+1
Die Roll (as Steve suggested): 6
Total = 1+10+6+4+4+6 = 31/2 = 15 (and one over for penetration...)

Oh, and any chance, for future reference, that we can use helpers as if they were "props" as per HoH: Societates, page 59?

Aura here is somewhat strange, and adds 1 to your casting total.

Dead things don't have a MR, so the spell is successful.



Need guideline for detecting possessing spirits.


Offhand, Controlling a spirit is a Base of 5 (ReMe). So, Detecting the presence of a spirit would probably be a lot less, like General : Detect the presence of a spirit whose might is less than or equal to the level of this spell. So...

If you wanted to "See" the spirit, +4 for vision, +1 for concentration, for a base of 5 : "See" a spirit whose might is equal or less than the level of this spell - 5. (R : Personal, T: Vision, D: Concentration)

Make sense?


Can I just check something?

The gaunt said his attacker had red hair and that she was his target, not the other way around.

Does this sound like Dierdre? Does Mab have red hair?

I'd thought that maybe this thing was an instrument of war sent to kill Mab but I may be missing some subtleties in the action.

What are the cloven hoof prints? The strike on the tree is presumably where the creature's killer struck, perhaps in mistake or in anger.

So we have enough to go on? I wouldn't want us to go back to the covenant and completely miss the obvious...

Diedre has red hair, but fists nearly the size of your head? Diedre is small. hmmmmm... And Mab's hair is dark.

The cloven hoof prints are very disconcerting.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped at this point.

Fair enough. Thanks. Can't find my copy of Stephan's sheet, here, so I'll have to post his little "Are we being watched" spell later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning (look in "Elsewhere in LC").



I don't know but I'm hoping Azaelle finds something. She's doing that great "ignore the bantering guys and get on with finding clues" thing.