[Table Talk] Return of Table Talk

Yep! just waiting on the results of my perception roll!



Results away!


Diedre has red, nearly orange, hair. Mab's hair is black. Rhiannon's is auburn. Nell and Carhi are both blondes. Helga, the cook, is graying, but blonde as well. Most of the women around Lough Caillte tend to blonde, brown, or black, with a couple of children having red . There was someone else who had red hair...

... That I forgot to describe to the player who was interacting with them. :unamused: This has been rectified.


Corvus is racking his knowledge of animals, fair and foul (Intelligence +2, Animal Handling 2, assume a roll of 6 = 10) to identify the type of animal.

He's also casting Image of the Beast, attempting to use the deepest hoof print as an arcane connection. If we assume a roll of 6, he casts the spell with a Penetration of 25 (plus/minus anything for aura).

Azaelle tried a spontaneous Intellego Terram spell but my die roll wasn't high enough to get anything out of it. :cry:

Anyone know how we can get a download of all the story posts? I'm really liking some of the stuff we've got going and it would be great to kind of edit the posts together and kind of "scriptify" them somehow.

OH good idea! Can we do that?

I totally love Corvus, by the way. He's scary!

The hoof print would be consistent with a large bovine; A bull or a cow. And a fairly large one, at that. But there aren't any cows that have fists, so...

Offhand, the only magical creatures you can recall, offhand, are Fauns, Satyrs, and some centaurs that live in the mountains. Demons are reputed to have cloven hooves for feet as well.

Hmm... Corvus' spell doesn't work. It isn't resisted, and the casting is flawless, but something isn't quite right.

I'lll have to ask the Bees that Power if there is a way to archive a discussion thread.


I'm probably going to be offline for a couple of days (hence Corvus' sudden exit). Have fun.

Your GM is going on a road trip to, of all things, play Ars Magica with old friends. :slight_smile: I'll Be back Sunday. Plan, and scheme, and watch out for those twisty, entangling plots!


And the GM is back, and caught up with a number of things.

For those of you who're wondering, Lough Caillte is pronounced "Loch Callche"...


Corvus is currently flying over the covenant, wheeling in the sky, looking for targets... I mean suspects... with red hair. If he can't see anything from the air, he'll start hopping from branch to roof, peering through doors and windows.

Well, the covenant is kinda of busy right now...

It appears they have a spider problem.

And Diedre's out there, blasting away, and her hair is flame red.


Assuming that a "Group" of spiders is not simply 10 individual spiders (but is actually a somewhat equivalent mass)...

Corvus flies to a high point, somewhere central, and finds a perch (if there's a tower that could ultimately be used for his sanctum then that might be poetic).

He turns back to human form and attempts:

The Hungry Crow, and the Willing Prey
ReAn 15
Voice, Concentration, Group
The spell drags as many spiders as is considered a group, within the sound of the caster voice, towards the caster. The helpless thrashing of the spiders' legs is represented by the caster's flailing fingers as he concentrates on the effect.

(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration, +1 Group)

Rego 10
Animal 10
Stamina 1
Roll 6
Aura 3 (I seem to remember)

Divide by 2 = 15

Makes the spell, but nothing over for penetration.

Obviously, if the spell would only affect 10 spiders, Corvus is better off staying in crow form and pecking and scratching at the beasties...

Let me know which way it goes and I'll write a post in the story thread.


Since a change of +/- 3 in size equals a tenfold increase/decrease in size, and the base Individual for Animal = Size 0, and spiders are, at largest, size - 6...

That's 1000 spiders. Ewww....

Spell works, and most of the spiders get drug towards you, especially if you bellow out the spell from wherever you're at.


Spiders? Are you guys serious or just kidding? Are you playing through the table talk thread? Help! I'm confused!

I think it was one of those moments where, if you will, the other players were talking on one side of the table (the story thread), and I was telling the SG off the other side (the table talk thread) that I was flying back to the covenant to find this other red-haired Nephilim... which is when he dropped the bombshell about the spiders.

I'm assuming my next post will be Corvus flying back to the group, on their way back, with word about the situation.

Sorry for the confusion. It was probably my fault. I like to see the action in the story thread and all the "SG, I want to do X, Y, and Z" in the table talk. It just kind of feels natural to me. And, so long as the story thread doesn't miss out on what's going on it should be okay...

heh. I get it now. Sorry 'bout that. I fear what I don't understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your SG is travelling again, and I may, or may not, have net access at my hotel during the weekend. So, expect something unexpected come sunday.

EDIT : I have internet access, so I'm watching you... :smiling_imp:

(No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!)