Table Talk - Stealing the Future

So, putting vis in Talismans always confuses me, because I'm not sure it's clear. But this is how I understand it.

The first season, you open the item by putting in a number of pawns of Vis based upon the Talisman's material and size. In this case, Fiona's staff is Wood (base 2), and a Staff is Large (multiplier of x4), for a total of 8 pawns of Vis.

Now, because it's a Talisman, it can hold more Vis then its material and size would limit a normal Invested Item would. So, in her next season of work, Fiona (with a Magic Theory of 7 by this point) can put in an additional (MTx2) 14 pawns of Vis. The limit on how much vis she puts in is her highest Technique (Muto 12) plus her highest Form (Corpus 10), or 22 pawns.

Does that 22 pawns include the 8 she put in in the original season of work to open it up, or does it "reset" to the 8 pawns just to open it and an additional up to 22 to prepare it for enchantment? I'm thinking it's probably a total of 22 (8+14), but I'm feeling just foggy enough to think I'm wrong.

The amount of Vis you can put in to prepare is 22 in this case.

Let me also remind you of compound devices so you can get different material bonuses. With an MT of 7 you can have 7 components.

Hello! I only found your initial thread this weekend and was slowly reading through it. Are you still recruiting players? I have a Trianoman Seeker/Teacher type that I never got to play, but would fit into this setting well given his abilities to teach. (Initially, it was to teach hedge wizards and learn from them in return; but that could carry over to a school setting where magi can mass-teach apprentices.)

Renimar, It just started being organized in the last couple of weeks. Yes, I'd like to have more players. My concern with the Trianomae is that we have a Bonisagus headmistress (NPC) and a Bonisagus teacher (silveroak) in process. I'd like to get a bit more representation from other houses. That being said, if you have your heart set on a Trianomae, it will just make the school a bit more suspect with respect to the other Houses (except House Tremere), so it will look more and more like a Bonisagus-Tremere attempt to take over apprentices, and therefore the Order. I was going to do some of that anyway, adding a Trianomae will just turn it from simmer to boil.

I have other characters ideas that I can explore, then. I had figured that a Bonisagus/Trianoma that wanted to share knowledge wouldn't be unusual -- it's kind of what the House does, after all (it's in the Oath!), but I understand that in-game plottage can have other effects. :slight_smile:

Here's a purely details-oriented question: Are you using your own Tribunal and Grand Tribunal meeting schedules for this Saga? You mentioned that the school kicks off with approval at the Grand Tribunal of 1267. However, canonically, Grand Tribunal would've been in 1261.

From The Wizard's Grimoire (Revised Edition) (4th Edition):

For a more modern edition, in Guardians of the Forest (5th Edition), there are references to "the Tribunal of 1179" and "the Grand Tribunal of 1195" (p.13), while an explicit date for Grand Tribunal in 1228 is mentioned on p. 111. This would place nearest two Grand Tribunals for the saga at 1228 and 1261, matching up with The Wizard's Grimoire (Revised Edition).

Now that you mention it, 1267 is actually a typo. I usually type numbers out on my keypad, and I went up when I should've gone down on the left side.

Still, given that we've gone far enough along, we'll call this a special grand Tribunal, called by the new Primus of House Bonisagus who was able to get delegates from all the tribunals, because of her extensive travels and aggressive negotiating style (it's hard to say no when she shows up and asks you to attend.

Oh and feel free to play a Trinomae. I'll just dump a bunch of politics into your stories... There's just not a lot to be seeking in this saga for the instructors, unless it's a field trip that goes all kinds of wrong. :smiling_imp:

That works! I do that all the time on the keyboard, because it's inverted from what a telephone keypad is oriented.

As for my Trianoma magus, the idea was that he was much more active as a Seeker (working with exotic wizards) in his past. By the time he gets to the school, he'll be steeped in that sort of knowledge that could be useful as an instructor. I'm looking to have a decent Magic Lore (specialization: exotic traditions), probably Intrigue, and other lores. He will likely be lighter on magical abilities as a result.

So what year is the game taking place?

That's a complex question...
We're starting in 1267 with staff, a few years later students come along. This one takes a bit more to percolate up than most sagas, because after you've presented a character that's ready to teach, then Elizabeth has to teach you how to teach the Arts. You'll spend time settling into your sancta, and setting up your classrooms as you'd like. My back to the hand estimate is that it will take three years and and some change before the students arrive. Some of that time will be free to the magus to do stuff, too.

Depends on what I see from finished magi...

OK gotcha, so that didn't change. OK. One thing that's holding me back just a touch is I'm trying to come up with contest winning concepts and i think I have a few. but I'll post up some more of his details likely tonight.

[strike]I may have missed it, but what Tribunal is the school going to be in? I read 'Alpine' in your intro post, but I didn't see anything beyond that. I'm assuming Alps, but that still leaves Greater Alps, Rhine, Roman, or possibly Provencal if it's far west enough.[/strike]

Nevermind, I found it. We're in Transylvania Tribunal.

Now that characters are ripening I'm going to kick of some threads with Elizabeth visiting each of your characters, this would happen prior to the special Grand Tribunal, so I need to know what covenant/location you're going to be in. I want every character to have some sort of relationship with Elizabeth prior to the start of the saga.

I know Charles is at Durenmar, Fiona is at a version of Mons Electi, but I'm not clear on where everyone else is. Clement could be almost anywhere due to his Gentle Gift and assigned duties from the House. So, decide on a location and/or Covenant, canonical or not, but if it's not, you need to flesh it out a bit for me.

I think a likely Covenant for Fabrica would be Fengheld in the Rhine.

Clement is about to spend some time in the Rome Tribunal so I'll look up a likely Covenant there.

Pick between Vardian's Tomb(pg96), Postestas(pg 95),and Magvillus. He will also be at Sansaron( pg 96) but that might not be a good place for a meeting.

For reference, Ancel was at Durenmar for his apprenticeship and some time afterwards (1211-1247), after which he moved to the British Isles for his stint as a Tenens Occultorum and has been based out of Schola Pythagoranis in Cambridge (1247-1267), which would welcome him due to his Gentle Gift. As a Bonisagus (and Trianoman one at that), he would have attended both the 1261 Grand Tribunal and the special Grand Tribunal of 1267 at Durenmar, so Elizabeth may very well have met him there.

Politically, the current Bonisagus Primus being in support of such a school would mean that she has Ancel's support within the House. If Murion was the previous Prima, then this would be a big change as she was pretty conservative about such things.

Does a Familiar cost one or two seasons of work? Fiona's familiar will be a white short-haired cat named Albus.

It only takes one season to Bond a familiar. However, keep an eye on your Art scores, as that will determine the bond score for your Three Cords.

I meant, do we have to lose a season getting the familiar in the first place? I've got the familiar bonded, I just need to know if I can spend 10xp that year or 20.

I counted it as a lost season, figuring that any season spent enchanting, doing familiar-related work, or teaching one's apprentice was "lost" xp. If I'm mistaken, someone should tell me, because I have a LOT of "lost" seasons. :slight_smile:

I hope "The Voice Of The Bjornaer Magus" reduced from Sun to Diam duration for a lower level is fine for a spell learned during the Apprenticeship

Also can someone point me to good Mastery specialisation for Ritual Spells?