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On a couple of points...

Still waiting to hear back from the Admin re posting with our "characters" (via multiple User Accounts.) That would connect one face (avatar) with one character- definitely a preferred state of affairs! Currently, it would require one e-mail addy and log-in per character, which is exceptionally awkward for the SG. I've been told the issue is being considered, and to stand by...

Likewise with additional supported html tags to aid in creating handy, standardized character sheets and other forms (as a Story Guide, one format, where info can be found in the same place for every character, is invaluable as a time and sanity saver!) Krys/Steve has said it's not necessary, but if possible it will be available for those who wish to use it. This requires a supported wysiwyg tag ( or etc.) for organizing the text into regimented formating.

So, I would never for a moment consider a fellow player of fudging a douse roll ( :unamused: ), but we all know that dice do weird things, and the appearance of falling to that temptation could become... awkward.

I was under the impression that our SG would be rolling the dice for us (and am all up for that!) - was I mistaken, or what?

Re: Years after apprenticeship
Yes, I was going to do the rolling. However, in rolling to correct his errant ways, I got the same result as his, so the point is moot.

If you want to use multiple accounts/avatars, you may. You are the ones who are going to besiege Michelle with all the requests to be added to the PbPP usergroup, after all.

Myself, I shall be using the one account, and hoping that my writing can keep things clear enough as to who is saying what, and doing what to whom and when... (I have far too many accounts to want more of them...)


For those of you who want to know what Rhiannon is chuckling about...

It's the wolf's name. Miach means "honorable;proud" and appropriate to an irish wolf. However, Cuana can mean "young hound" (ie, Puppy). It's hard to look fierce when someone calls you "Puppy".


Seems familar, somehow... nah. 8)

Well I have just the one login for now, when Companions and Grogs are introduced/approved I may take others, perhaps we can just put the character's name in the subject line or something though also.

So the people that have travelled to Loch Caillte are told to go to the inn first?

I have a shiled grog created I'll post him this evening.

I find an inn to be a convenient starting point for many things. The inn is where mundane guests of the covenant stay as well. However, if you want to arrive at the covenant proper, you may; You will have a travel companion, a consors (companion) of the covenant who will lead you in, and get you past the gate. They will probably be one of Angus' many sons, who handle business for him, such as leading guests in.


If it's OK (when we're ready) I could have Fabrica arrive at the Inn and Caleb could meet him there to bring to the Covenant, then have one of Angus's sons lead him in.

Sure, go ahead. I'll be filling in a few more details;

The village of Lough Caillte is small, perhaps 100 people all told. There is a small church , a smithy, mill, and the inn. There are 2 bridges, one to the south of town (on the road to Limerick), and the other just north of the inn (on the road to Galway). There is a Dominion aura here, but it's a strange one. It doesn't necessarily feel like your gift is being overwhelmed.

There is a well used cart track on the north side of town that starts at the smithy, and works it's way to the covenant through the woods. To the south is Lough Caillte. Visible from the Smith's is the rocky outcrop that is known as The Watchtower. Past the watchtower, is the covenant. A small group of houses cluster at the bottom of the hill; This is where most of the Consors and Custos live. A track leads from here to the mine, to the west (the miners have their own barracks at the mine).

Lough Caillte (the lake) is roughly 750m in length, 450m across. There is an island in the western half of the lake; While the villagers fish the eastern end, no one goes near the island, save Mab. There is a fairy mound, and a stone circle there.

As described, Lough Caillte (the covenant) has a low wall, enough to provide some cover. The approach up the hill, however, makes taking the gate far from easy. Typically, 2 custos will be on watch. Or, in Rhiannon's Case, Miach (or Cuana) the wolf. If new arrivals are expected, Angus will be sent for, unless the group gets intercepted by Mab ("Hi! I'm Mab! Welcome! " while Miach goes and gets Angus) or Deidre ( Who will summon Angus, anyway).

Central to the covenant is the feasthall; There is always some kind of stew to be had at all hours of the day here, and it is the main gathering area for the covenant. All the buildings here are well built, with tile roofs, stone construction, and actual glass windows.

I have a rough map drawn up; I'd like to clean it up a bit before uploading it to my photobucket account, but I should have the rough one scanned in tomorrow afternoon...


To make things easier for most of the group, you can be in the same group that goes up with Rhiannon and Seamus. Don't worry someone will be sent to find Caleb and Fab if they are overly late... Of course, by that time, they may be in a spot of trouble... :slight_smile:

I should be posting a bit more as the other maga of Lough Caillte will be making an appearance soon.


Everyone is now at the covenant.


Does anyone know of a good covenant within a few hundred miles of London for me to come from, or should I just create one?

There's always Blackthorn or Voluntas. The Covenant I used was one that my troupe used for a long running 4th edition game.

Create one. My access to a copy of Heirs to Merlin is limited to what time Mr. Tuura has to look things up for me in it, and he's been busy. I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you. :frowning:


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Ok, a couple of things...

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After you post it, and you notice the typo, look in the upper right hand corner of the post, near the "Quote" button. There should be an "Edit" button as well. I use it all the time. :slight_smile:

Secondly, don't sweat the typoes. If Atlas decides they want to use our misadventures in a supplement, let then sort it out. :slight_smile:

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The primary rule here is to have fun. Always keep this in mind.

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