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Some hapless ship captain, "Talia and Halia came by and robbed us blind! It was all fun and games until we woke up naked and our ship was missing."

That's very cool. Talia's not in it for the money, either. She just likes being at sea[1]. However, the last job (if it's Fengheld related) was a bit too big and need to lie low. Or, the accumulated piracy makes her need to lie low for a bit. She'll be back out to sea eventually. Although a really big loch might do...

[1]I may be playing the MMF:Ships as a Latent ability, something she hasn't figured out really, due to her inept master. I need to rework a Virtue to give her back Method Caster: Singing and write words for all her formulaic spells, and then the bonus will only apply when she's singing the words.

"Halia" is short for Haliaeetus, the genus name for sea eagles. I name all my Bjornaer after their heartbeasts :stuck_out_tongue: Leona, Uncia, Ursa... Seems everyone else does too-- Cygna being the obvious one, and plenty of canonical Bjornaer as well: Falke, Ardea, Corvus, etc.

Re: companion-- Done! I'll see if I can find a template character that's close to what I want, then tweak. Not sure what kind of Presence a con artist should have. "Lies of Locke Lamora" described the ultimate con man as having a face that's very ordinary and completely forgettable in every way, which is why he's so believable in all his roles. I equate that as negative Pre, high Com. But a lot of swindle skills seem to be based on Presence, so I don't know if it would work, in practice. Meh.

Then Siobhan walks by and they forget they had a ship in the first place :slight_smile:.

See? Teamwork, people!

And now for something completely different.

I had some major insomnia night before last, and was thinking about the whole longevity ritual thing ladyphoenix and I were having. And, since I'd been thinking that I should probably make a buttload of aging rolls for the remaining indigenous magi of Insula Canaria, I decided that now was as good a time as any. So I opened up my fuzzy blue dice box and started rolling d10s in groups of five. First time I'd really touched them since I moved up here in aught eight. God, they didn't hate me! My dice always hate me! One of the first groups I actually three 20s!

But...yeah. Anyway, all three magi have had their Aging done for them. They all look to be in their late 30s to 40ish. And of course, the only one that took a Aging Point is the youngest. Go fig.

What's gonna work?

Dice never really hate GMs/SGs. They only hate players. Just sayin'.

I would say I can tell who has kids...but I've been known to post ponies on my facebook, so nevermind :smiley:

Yeah, now that I mention it, my dice behaved themselves last time I was behind the screen. It was only when I was a player that they pulled their shenanigans. Maybe my dice are trying to tell me something?

Quite tempted to do a version of Guts (from berserk) as a companion...

Else, I might to a non-gifted elementalist. I've always wanted to try that

I was thinking Halia was going to be the name of your companion, and then I noticed the post in the Character sheets section. So, i'm all clear now. Halia, of course, will know nothing of our hermetic "crimes." :laughing:

The Companion could be Nalia.


Not precisely what I said. As we are both running Tytalus characters, I think a discussion of philosophy is interesting. Why would a master just teach such a spell to an apprentice? How does it build the apprentice to stand on his own? Wouldn't a master want the apprentice to invent the spell without assistance?
How does teaching or having the apprentice learn that spell, or any spell like that build the independence and self confidence that is a hallmark of the House?

Do you really want to go there? N H or n and h are easy enough to confuse...

I'll probably pick something Norse-ish. Or maybe she'll be a Dubhlainner.

Wait...."Personality Trait: Gryffindor +3"? :laughing:

Don't you judge me. It's descriptive AND succinct!

Why else did you think I wanted a gryphon inner heartbeast?

I am torn between Ravenclaw or Slytherin for Siobhan.

I'm thinking she's Slytherin, myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Just call me Erne-mione.

Does Durmstrang admit girls?

Well they did, until this Greek girl name of Talia wrecked the place.

Yes, they are.