Talent, once per Scene?

Recently I noticed that the rulebook says that:

"If your kitty is using a Talent, you can add another die to the pool. If your kitty is using a Magical Power, you get two more dice, once per scene. "

And the sidebar says:

If you’re using the game’s cards, it’s easy to track whether you’ve used your Magical Power each scene. Just take that card for yourself and flip it over when you’ve used it!

Both paragraphs don't rule that a kitty uses his/her talent only once in a scene.

But in the character sheet, it goes as:
+1 die for your Talent, once per scene
+2 dice for your Magical Power, once per scene

Which method should i use?

I'm now going with mutiple uses in my current game, but still I want to know the answer.

Talents are NOT limited to once per scene. The character sheet summary is in error. Thanks for the heads up on that!

Happy I was right with the rules! Thanks for your answer!