Tales of Mythic Europe

Michelle has announced that "Tales of Mythic Europe" will be released in May 2009!!!!


Unfortunately, it'll be bound in softcover.

David / Michelle, is there any way to reverse that decision with enough fan support?!? I would much prefer a hard cover version, damn the costs.

Because it's an adventure book and not a reference book, I'm fine with it being softcover.

I would prefere a hard cover book as well. It there no way around this?

Salvete Sodales!

What's wrong with a softcover? The book will cost less money than the hardcover versions and is going to include 24 additional pages. I am more than content with this decision.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Personally, I don't have anything against this being softcover, because it's an adventure book, which sets it apart from the other releases so far.

But I hope this doesn't mean that future releases won't be softcover too. Still hoping for another tribunal book or a book on nobles, knights and warfare, and I wouldn't want to see such books in softcover. :slight_smile:


I'm just excited it's being released.

I wouldn't want the 24 pages cut, but the hardcover books are so much more durable. I plan on having my AM books until I die, and hardcover just lasts longer. I always have at least one AM book in my bag, and don't want it to fall apart. The softcover also disturbs the flow of all the hardcover books on the shelf. Finally, There's something very appealing about a "tome." Perhaps it's sympathetic magic, but the book is just that much more "powerful" in hardcover.

Personally I"m willing to pay 5-10 more dollars for something I"ll have for the rest of my life.


I'll be ok with softcover, but would prefer hardcover.

Ah well, I'm just happy to have supplements come out regularly...


I don't really care whether it's hardcover or softcover, although I prefer hardcover slightly, for durability and for an easier time getting it to stay open on a particular page. However, the format I really like an adventure book in is PDF. That allows me to print out just the adventures I want, to feel free to write notes and so on on the pages, and to copy-paste into documents from heavier editing. Is there a chance of seeing the book in PDF format in a relatively short time?

At any rate, I'm very glad to see an ArM5 adventure book on offer.

I'll buy it whatever the cover. But my preference goes to hardcover more durable ...

YES Completely irrationnal but I feel this way also.

Strange. I actually prefer softcover. Mainly because I am financially challeneged, but also because they are lighter and easier to carry.

It will certainly loose a point of resonance and thus have lower quality, however the extra pages may be enough to fit in enough information for a higher level.

Type print has a +3 quality bonus over handwritten anyway :wink:
Well Bound adds +1, Harbound is the standard, and Flap Bound adds -1. So Well Flap Bound still equals +0, and this would not affect the Resonance or Clarification at all.

I also tend to Gloss my own texts with spell guidelines and corrected erratta :smiley:

Would a pop-up book get a quality bonus?

Pop ups are a -3 to Quality :laughing:

I'm thrilled to get a good ArM5 reference for generating stories, if only to have an established format we can use in Sub Rosa. It should be a fantastic addition. Black Monks of Glastonbury was ok, but the admixture of d20 was distracting and I thought it was a transitional adventure from ArM4 to ArM5, anyway.


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Tsk, you must engage in Cetamen first, with "No Solicitation" as the terms of the contest :smiley:

that is for wimps ... Certamen is merely a polite way to avoid the real challenge of Wizard's War.

Besides if any Redcap delivers unsolicited commercial parchments past the sanctum marker, they'll regret it!

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