tales of the covenant: preludes

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Some evening in late spring 1140 Bravery searches for his mother. He is somewhere between frightened and very proud of himself.
Breathless he reports to his mother: "Mom! I did... I su.. I just... I just summoned a ghost. I was trying out what I just read in the book about the human mind. Then I wondered if Leaf is just missing a human body and what is left is the mind. Leaf said I am probably right, so I started ... experimenting ... "

Bravery keeps talking without a break. I am sure Anna will find a way to interrupt him, but it will take a more fierceful interruption than she might be used to.
"... And then... , then I summoned the ghost of Evandrus.
[i]His face gives an impression of much importance. Bravery must be the greatest necromancer the world has seen so far, if you judge him by his facial impressions.

Slowly he calms down a bit and gives his mother a chance to react.[/i]

"Evandrus's Ghost? I thought we were done with him. I swear every time I had to work with him he was trying to get me killed. And he's creepy. And he blew himself up. We should go tell the council. Let's go to the council chambers and I'll try and call a meeting."

Bravery's face drops pale.
"This wasn't a good thing?"
Anger and disappointment join his feelings.
"I thought you would be proud of me...

Bravery follows his mother to the council chamber or wherever she goes and will repeat his story. Based on Anna's reaction he is a little afraid of what the other magi will say. But the predominant thoughts are achievement, not failure or fear of consequences.

Some of the last summer days in 1140

"Mom. I would like to go on a pilgrimage to the Levant

"Oh and mom, I find ghosts very interesting. And I know so little. Can't you teach me more in the art of Mentem? Just reading this book gives so little insights...

[ooc she can't really. Bravery is at score 5]