Taliha Fanak ex Bjornaer

by my calculations this character should be 26 finishing the gauntlet. Also the score in imagonem should be 9 (4) instead of 9(5) due to the way the points work out from the affinity

Np on the Imaginem, rounding issue.

I'll make sure I listed everything at the right level.

Are you saying I'm missing 15 or 30 pts?

15, if you had just finished gauntlet at 27, as written you are 60 points shy

I finished Gauntlet 3 years before. See below the season listing at the bottom of her sheet.
I did find a typo but it was in the wrong direction, My North Italian should have been 4 instead of 5. I did spend 10 xp total on getting a mastery of 1 in two spells.

45 from 0-5
60 from 5-9
240 apprenticeship 9-24
90 3 years post apprenticeship
total of 390 xp

Does this agree with your calculations?

If we are still 5 pts off, were you counting the first level of Heartbeast as free? It doesn't seem to be by RAW.

I'm also only showing 110 levels in spells

Yes, that's what the total actually is. I made a mistake not adding the 45 from 0-5 because it's added onto the check on my sheet and isn't in a cell.

I added Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) which was the spell I missed.

I'm coming up with a total of 375 that you have spent, not 435
however it looks like something may have glitched in my text parsing code...

found that problem- I was separating abilities by looking for commas and there was a period I there, but that brings the total up to 450, which is 15 points high...
double checking again...

looks like I had North Itallian at 5 instead of 4, which apparently it originally was, now leaves the character 10 points short...

Did you add the ten xp I put into mastering spells?

that was it- approved