Talisman and Verditius Magic

I'm currently exploring a concept for a Verditius magus. So I may have some question regarding Verditius Magic in the next couple of weeks.

Right now, I am wondering how it would affect the preparation of a talisman. Here's what I've come up with regarding the process.

First, the magus needs to open an object for enchantment. For example, a composite wand of wood (possibly multiple kinds) with some gem or metals integrated into the design. The exact make-up isn't really important at this point. Since, at that point, the item is not yet a talisman, its capacity would be determined by either the sum of the components (let's say 30) or by the highest required by a single component (let's say 15).

Either way, the magus would substract his score in his appropriate Craft (score of 8) from the number of pawns required to open the item. Let's say he goes for using the highest single component. So it costs him 7 pawns of Vim vis to open the wand, which has a capacity of 15 pawns' worth of effects.

Next, he spends a season in the lab to make the wand his talisman. From what I can see, this requires no vis, just a season in the lab.

Now, let's assume his highest Tech+Form combo is 10+15 = 25.

Here's the questions:

  • Would a Magical Focus appropriate to the nature of the talisman (e.g. wands) have an impact on the talisman's capacity? (I assume it doesn't)
  • If the Verditius spends a second season opening his talisman to increase its capacity, does his Craft score again affects the number of pawns it takes to increase the capacity? In short, would the increasing the capacity from 15 to 25 just take 2 pawns of Vim vis? (Seems a case could be made either way)

No, it does not apply. A Magical Focus applies "when you cast a spell or generate a Lab Total". The capacity of your talisman equals the sum of your highest Technique and Form, and this sum is not a Lab Total.

I'd definitely say that no, you do not get the discout multiple times. Apart from issues of game balance, Verditius Magic allows you to reduce "the number of pawns of vis needed to open the enchantment" by your craft score. If you take multiple seasons to open the enchantment, you are still just opening it once (a little at a time) so your discount applies only once.

It is unclear whether, in fact, you have to take advantage of the discount entirely in the first season, when the item is first crafted, as the description of Verditius magic (and the fact that "crafting" comes into play) would seem to suggest. Ultimately, it does not seem like this is going to be an issue in most cases, so I'd let the problem rest until needed :slight_smile:

Well, what if the Verditius' craft score increase between the first opening aand a sunsequent one? (Playing devil's advocate here.)

Technically, I think it's just the score at the first opening that would apply. The reason is that you get a discount (if and) when you physically craft the item, because you craft the item in a certain way (and that's the reason why your craft abilty factors in the discount). After the first season, the item is there, and you can't do much except enchant it.

Just agreeing with ezze here, and further pointing out that Verditius magi get a discount specifically when they craft the item they are enchanting.
When the item is already done, clearly they aren't crafting it...

(Nod) I agree. Just thought I would check to be sure my interpretation was correct. There could have been a note somewhere that I wasn't aware of.


I also agree
In addition to what has already been said, the Verditius' advantage is to reduce the amount of vis needed to 'open the enchantment' (which is how it is worded in ArM5 page 93) by their score in a Craft. This proces: 'opening the ehchantment' or 'preparing for enchantment' happens only once.
Afterwards, once the item has been attuned as a Talisman, the proces is now 'increasing capacity' - a different action. So, no reduction.

The consequences had this been allowed, would be for the magus to make free capacity increases. Increasing capacity can be done 1 pawn at a time, we see in the lab chapter. So between 1 and [MTx2] pawns at a time. Subtract Craft score (to a minimum of 1) the magus could eash season incease capacity by [Craft] but only paying 1 pawn. I don't think so.