Talisman capacity and verditius mysteries


A (normal) talisman can contain up to [best Te/Fo] vis pawn.
Does a Verditius talisman can contain up to [best Te/Fo + appropriate craft or/and philopsophiae] vis pawn? I can't find the reference

Talisman in short: You start by opening it as invested item, then you attune it as talisman, then you can put any pawns in it (but less than MT*2 (or * philosophiae if you have verditius elder rune) per season).

An attuned item from a verditius magus can contain up to [best Te/Fo + philosophiae + appropriate craft] vis pawns. Those pawns have to be invested before any enchantment, but can be invested in more than one season (and the verditius elder rune mystery allow you to use philosophiae * magic theory pawns which is often better than MTx2]

In HOH MC, it is said that attuned item are often superior to talismans of magi from other houses, since the verditius can put so much enchantment in it (and I have a NPC in character generation which can confirm it).

But I wouldn't limit it to "other houses".
Indeed, I can't find any part of the talisman section which say that a Verditius talisman can be added with Verditius Runes or that craft would add.
For me, it's logic, but I'm not so sure...

As far as I know, no Verditius mystery adds to a talisman's total capacity, which remains [best Te/Fo] Vis pawns. Verditius runes do add to the Lab Totals to put effects into it, of course.

It is true that an attuned item is even better, as far as capacity goes. But then Item Attunement is a Major Verditius Mystery. There are still a few drawbacks: the attuned item must be instilled with vis before any magical effect is put into it, so it is not possible to later open it further if the magus' best Te/Fo increases, which is possible with a talisman (so eventually a talisman will catch up with an attuned item, but of course at that point the mags can make even better attuned items). The magus does not get the +5 bonus to Lab Totals he gets with a Talisman.

Still, I must agree with you, attuned items have the potential to be better than talismans, as far as quantity of enchantment goes, even Verditius talismans.