Talisman inspiration

I'm designing Talismans for a couple of NPC Magi, who either have a talisman or are in the process of creating one.

They are a 68 year old Tytalus craft magi focused on overcoming the sea and likes dragons and a 51 year old Bonisagus alchemist member of the Green Cockerel who seeks immortality because seeing his Parens die of old age haunted him.

Does anybody have any good suggestions for Talismans ideas?

For your alchemist - a chalice or phylactery made of Ivory, Amber, Electrum, Amethyst + extra for age and secondary arts. If a chalice, definitively add a touch of the pearl-like effect. As a member of the green Cockerell, a nice touch would be an unknown component, researched through vulgar alchemy.


That sounds perfect.

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A whip talisman for the Tytalus. He uses it to swing from the masts, catch materials from a distance, as a briddle when riding a dragon, etc. Enchanted with a Rego effect to animate it so it can grab sutff and creatures, thus extending his Touch range. Also enchanted to be impossible to cut (à la Rope of Bronze), become longer or shorter, and to become stiff and coil upon itself so it can be used as a weapon (staff).

Maybe braided from the hair of a magical creature. The handle has a number of gemstones imbeded in it (emerald for bonuses with dragonkin, agate for air and storms, aquamarine/beryl/crystal/jade for water, etc.) and could have a bone (animal or human) as a core.


Brilliant idea. Thank you.
Yes that makes a lot of sense.

Lets assume that this person wants to make their whip able to penetrate Parma and other magic resistance.
Lets assume we go with:
First I imbue the weapon with a continuous effect to make it hard to break.
Then I give it something similar to the Terram Spell: Edge of the Razor. Also as a continuous effect.

If I wanted to make that weapon able to penetrate a target's Parma, would I need to put extra levels of penetration on one or both of those effects?

Actually what's the best way to build something like this?
A leather whip is an obvious base, but is it the best?
Would it be better to start with a long thin strip of metal and enchant it with something like Supple Iron, rigid rope to give it the resilience of steel but the flexibility of a whip?
Going on the more fantastical side, could you make a whip from solidified mercury?
Would manipulating Mercury like that be Aquam because it's a liquid? Or Terram because it's a metal?

If you want several enchanted effects into a device that are active simultaneously, they will all need a penetration rating... ideally at the same level, since the weakest penetration will determine whether the weapon bounces off.


You are entering... the Pink dot dimension.

This is an area where the rules leave room for interpretation. My personal one: only penetration matters for effects that are affecting another target. So I would not require the effect that makes the whip unbreakable to penetrate, but edge of the Razor yes. One can argue that both are affecting only the structure of the enchanted item so there should not be a double standard, but that's how I am ruling.

So discuss with your troupe and see what everybody is comfortable with.