Talus Ex Bonisagus

glass is never made in blocks, it is blown as it is made (to do otherwise would be to waste the fuel), which is part of why glass shaping and glass making are the same ability. Neither has an ignem requisite.

He learned that spell after gauntlet with his 30 xp/year. I didn't think that the same rules applied to post-gauntlet, since the formula is listed only in the apprenticeship section.

Also, I wasn't sure if you were house ruling around that, since Tomas appears to have started with The Leap of Homecoming and Conjuring the Mystic Tower, neither of which he qualified for under the formula. (I might be looking at an earlier version of his sheet, though. His spells don't seem to be filled out.)

That would drop it to CrTe 30, which he would qualify for: 10 (Cr) + 5 (Te) + 3 (Int) + 3 (Aura) + 9 (Magic Theory) = 30

His specialty is learning spells so his MT is 7+2 for the purpose of learning spells.

Apologies. I had thought that glass was originally made into blocks first. I'll edit accordingly and remove the Ignem requisite.

I missed it on Tomas' sheet then, I'll need to double check that. The limit is a logical one- you cannot invent a spell above your lab total...

That would drop it to CrTe 30, which he would qualify for: 10 (Cr) + 5 (Te) + 3 (Int) + 3 (Aura) + 9 (Magic Theory) = 30

His specialty is learning spells so his MT is 7+2 for the purpose of learning spells.

He could hit 33 if you allow Inventive Genius to be added.

I double checked, those are within Tomas ability at gauntlet.

Okay, This looks acceptable as a level 30 spell.

If a spell is published, please include the book and page number

I must have missed a bonus somewhere. My bad.

I'll have to figure out what to do with an extra 5 points. :slight_smile:

I wrote that information in Development when I got the spell. Would you prefer it also be included with the spell listing on the character sheet?

I took Chamber of Spring Breezes (CrAu 5) with the saved 5 xp. I always try and have a few comfort spells for my magus.

Okay, this looks good. Do you prefer high German or Low German for your native tongue?

How about High German. I see him as living more inland.

Also, I put the spells in table form, citing the book and page they appear on.

How about his familiar? What would be a good ReCo familiar, and what is the process for making the familiar?

Pick me! Pick me! I vote for a worm that inhabits corpses and animates them. ReCo.

Pardon me while I make up my body-snatcher grog named Igor. :wink:

You want me to whip up a familiar?

I know how to make up a familiar. And I'd kind of enjoy it. But I'd need information first. First off, what should it be? Second, will it be a natural animal or a magical animal? And what rules are we using to make up the animal?

Once I get those three questions answered, I should be good to go.

Let's do this one first. I think all the familiars so far have been companion level, high power, summer skilled characters.

Up to you. I tried to make a normal animal familiar ans wasn't able to make it work with the character concept.

I'd say first decide on Rego or Corpus

Two ways to go for Rego - either the motion aspect, or the regal aspect. An animator like Cat proposed might work for the first, as would a spirit/ghost, although I'm not sure of the rules regarding those as familiars. For the second aspect, any regal creature would work, staring with birds and going up to the ultimate - a gryphon.

For the Corpus type, Id think any Magical Thing in a human shape would work, again not sure how the rules work taking one as familiar, but really is there much of a difference between a magical fox and a magical elemental?

The general method is to take an animal which associates with the related form. A lion is an obvious choice for Rego, ROP:M lists badgers, cockrels, dogs, black cats, owls, wolves, or any pack animal as appropriate for Rego, and for Corpus a caladrius, cat, dog, or goose

I'll look in RoP:M then. I hadn't realized that had a list.

So, as I understand, it's a Summer creature. Any other restrictions?

BTW, my initial inclination is an owl because of the connection to Athena (patron of the original Daedalus).

Without some kind of mystery or relevant virtue, it needs to be an animal, probably an animal of virtue.

As in a plain, ordinary animal?

Animal of virtue, which means no gryphons, no dragons, but with appropriate magical abilities.