Tapatalk now online!

I just finished installing the Tapatalk app on the forum. For those who use/have this mobile app, please go ahead and test it and let me know, if you see any issues. Thank you.

Wendy the Webmaster

The only issue I see is that the double-quote signs in posts (") are preceded by a backslash for some reason.
Other than that, thanks! :slight_smile:

It seems the system is configured to show the last 1000 posts. In other forumsI am subscribed to it is only the last 100 posts, and it is OK with that lower number. Dunno if it loads faster with 100 posts or not, but maybe it consumes less bandwidth. So far I have not noticed a significant difference in loading time, but I am only connecting through WiFi so that might be why

Apart from that, great stuff :slight_smile: Thanks!