Hi there!

Now that the forum woes seems to be in the past, could we try to get a tapatalk application active again? I found tapatalk to be very useful to read the forums (specially to keep track of the online sagas), and I miss that. Could Atlas consider reactivating it? Thanks


Too busy to mess with it right now, but I'll put it in my "To Do" queue.

I just re-installed Tapatalk. Please let me know if it's working correctly by posting here. Thanks!

It works.

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Yay! Now, let me know if forum performance suddenly crashes. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, upgrading to iOS7 seems to break Tapatalk. Seems to work fine on one device running iOS6 but not on the one running 7.

Hmm. That's something Tapatalk developers will need to fix with an update, I'm thinking.