Target: Room, for Mentem and Vim?

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IMHO, AM5 has been a great improvement on the previous edition when considering clarity, consistency and unambiguity, but I still find some items problematic. Here is one that I couldn't figure out. Hopefully this has not been discussed already (I did a small research into the archives but did not come across an answer). Here goes:

Base Room as a spell target is defined as up to 100 times the floor space required by a base individual. However, base individual targets for Mentem and Vim have no actual physical size. So how large rooms can Mentem and Vim spells affect when their targets are set as 'room'? Is there some arbitary limitation, or no limitation at all, as the base individuals are not limited in size either?

(BTW, I think herbam base individual is kind of vague as well. For example, approximately how big a piece of solid wood can a Herbam spell affect, if the base individual target is a bush 3' across or some such? I have used 10 lbs. as some idea of the weight of the base individual.)

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If forced, I would use +0 sized humans to define rooms for mentem and vim. However I would resist being forced to do so. The guidelines in my opinion are only guidelines. debating fine points of spell design is an enjoyable activity for bulletin boards (or at least I find it to be), but it shouldn't really happen in game. The needs of the story should, in most cases, dictate the size of a room that can be targeted by a particular spell rather than any computation of +0 sized individuals.

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