Target: Sin?

Small question here. I'm designing a diabolist to be a villain, and he should have psychomachic powers. Looking at the last example power on page 111 of RoP:I, I see an effect that's level 45, from base 15, +2 voice, +2 sun, and +2 sin. What is "sin"? Is that a typo for "passion," a group-level target?

Sorry about the typo! Looks like it should be Group, since you want to affect a crowd, not just those with particular passions.


I don't have the Infernal 5th ed, but please tell me there is actually a Target: Sin or at least Target: Sinner.

I'm wringing my hands and making "Moo-wa-ha-ha" noises right now just thinking of it.


There's a Target: Sin in The Divine, referring to an Individual stained with mortal sin. If it works for what you have in mind, you could probably adapt it. The Infernal has Target: Passion, which affects everyone in a group that fails a Personality Trait roll.

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So much better than 10" radius area of effect, with 1" being 10' indoors and 100' outdoors. :wink:

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Be fair now. That indoor/outdoor weirdness didn't even survive into 2nd ed. did it? It certainly never scarred the face of a D20 product.

It's been a while but no, I don't think it did.