Target: Structure - quick input needed for today's session

Hi - in the session later today I've realised that parts of the plot rests on something I'm currently in doubt about. Therefore I hope for a few quick responses.

Target: Structure makes you effect anything within a structure, and the Range is only your range to the structure. My question is related to what kind of effects are possible with this Target - which I haven't earlier thought to question. First of all "medium-less" Form spells are clear cut - e.g. a MuCo (An) to turn all men into pigs - but what of indirect Creo spell that uses a Form as a medium to attack or influence other Forms? For example using a CrIg to attack? In this case to attack all beast in the structure. Is this possible? If it is, would it then require a Requisite; Animal?

Additional background info for the interested:

Our session is yet another in a long series of sessions trying to "break" the ruins of an old covenant . I've renamed the covenant Calebais as Lumen and adapted it to our saga. First of all I've given the covenant's fall a prominent role in the outbreak of the Schism War. The covenant was apparently owerrun, it's people killed and the place razed, by a force of Diedne. By the Quaesitors it was stated as the final spark and justification that brought on the renunciation and following March of the Diedne.

Two centuries have passed. The PC have rediscovered Lumen (renamed so for certain thematic effects) and have used considerable amount of time to explore it (two stories - Lumen Praeteritus, Nunc Atrum and Irrutus de Silentium in Profundis… - spaning more than 15 sessions!). Some of them to get it's riches, some to unlock it's secrets. This has so far led some of them to question the official story of what happened. This has taken such a long time because we have taken our time - and not always moving the plot as much as the character developments - but also because the first time they went there they were only two newly gauntleted magi and a little handfull of grogs. Moreso several of them fell - one of them carrying an enchanted roman sword which became important to the further attempts. The sword's magic wasn't particular mighty in sense of melee prowess - but what it did was that it granted bravery, calmness and a very superior knowledge of tactics and strategy to the wielder. With this sword one of the champions of the local creatures, the hrools, became a strong leader that managed to take control and heavily organize the different groups of hrools. 2 years passed - a considerable time to the hrools - and as the PCs returned better prepared and with a powerful senior Flambeau from their home covenant, they arrived to find the hrools strong and entrenched. They've had several skirmishes and haven't accomplished anything worthwhile. Now we have succeeded to use stealth to strike deep into the well and search Ierimyra's lab - she was the maga who "created" or awakened the hrools - for her lab notes and other things to lean more of the hrools weaknesses. And most importantly to use as an Arcane Connection to them..

Now I intend to have the Flambeau use this material in preparation to boost his penetration on a spell to annihilate them all with a large ceremonial spontaneous spell with target Structure. He's is equally adept at Perdo and Ignem, so he might simply use a PeAn spell, but that would make the magnitude much higher and thus less likely, and moreso I would for visual effect prefer to use a CrIg effect somewhat similar to Coat of Flame on them all simultaneously... But is that possible?

I know this is a SG NPC and that I could easily argue that the Flambeau has the needed Arts for any solution and that I won't need to explain the detailed calculations to my players - yet I would still like, as a mental challenge nonetheless, to know the mechanism for achieving this.

Aren't Creo spells that create, e.g., fire limited to Individual and Group tagrets? A spell to affect all animals with fire I would put as a PeAn spell, or else make a CrIg spell with a unique target based on a large group.


Thank you Yair for the very quick response!

I reread the insert on Creo and Targets - I obviously missed its essence when I read it late last night. The trouble with using Group and adding up magnitudes for "size" as the books suggests is that it also says that the groups should be close and clear cut - which makes it difficult to hit them all as they are spread around the covenant.

Using PeAn to affect them with fire might be a possibility..? But in line with the hermetic magic I would presume it to be the PeAn doing the damage - magnitude based on that Form - and then the Ignem only added as a Requisite as a more or less cosmetic effect?

I wonder if a visual effect similar to Coat of Flame could be achieved with a MuAn (Ig) and target Structure to turn their skin into flame?

"Muto magic can neither injure nor kill someone directly" p78 Ars Magica 5

You could make Pe(Cr)An(Ig) spell, but unless the flambeau has an applicable magical focus he'll be betteroff goingstraingt perdo animal.

I like the idea of Perdo ignem to freeze the whole darn structure.

Or, if that's too hard, Perdo ignem to turn out all of the lights for duration sun and send in the grogs after enchanting them with eyes of the bat if you've gort someone who can do level 25 intellego auram)

See I really didn't think that one through :blush:
And turning all the air into fire might be overdoing it - even though this particular Flambeau might relish the destruction more than most. Anyhow Muto was never his strong suit...

Perdo and Ignem on the other hand.... :smiling_imp:

He might like showing of - but he might decide to make it simple and freezing the place. Even if it is an indirect area-effect spell I reckon he could still use the AC to spike penetration?

One of the PC apprentices of said Flambeau actually has such an combination of spells.. But he is not there and I think this Master prefers to handle things himself in place of having the grogs play a role.

Thanks for the really great input :bulb:

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