Tasos character sheet

while it is not required, I want to make sure you are aware that you can take the full 10 points of virtues and flaws for your starting character, regardless of the age they start at.

Also note that given the nature of demons second sight is useless in detecting them and therefore is not a good concentration for second sight.

I have changed the concentration and will be looking over some virtues later today.

Took some more virtues, but they are unbalanced. Should I take a hermetic flaw now or will that come in later?

It can be hereditary or can come later

Burnt my wrist on the stove so typing is quite annoying right now but ill balance the flaws quickly

Virtues and flaws are balanced out.

looks good- approved- what year is this and where and how does he enter the saga?

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I left the date of birth out because I wasn't sure how it would fit into everything. What is the latest auction?

the next tribunal for apprentices to be chosen at is 1193, he would have to have arrived in polyaigos after 1186

Is arriving after 1186 for the tribunal of 1193 good?

that would be fine, but it means you will be starting your apprenticeship at 17
and finishing it at age 28

Perhaps I could do an earlier tribunal then?

no, but you could enter later in the cycle, so you would be age 10 at the point where you enter, which means you could start your apprenticeship anywhere from age 10 to 17

I think I'll go with entering later then.

so between 1186 and 1193- pick a year.

How about 1188?

okay, you will start your apprenticeship at 15 and finish it at 29.

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Spring 1188-summer 1189 (5 seasons) tasos is tutored in Ancient Greek, SQ including Gift of 15, up to half of these points (75 total) may be redirected to artes liberales or teaching (this is true for all seasons of teaching, except when the topic is not a language the points may go into either teaching or ancient greek)
Fall 1189 and spring 1190 he will be tutored in Philosophae, winter 1189 and summer 1190 he is taught magic theory. Fall 1190 he is tutored in order of Hermes lore, winter of 1190 he is tutored in scribe. Spring 1191 he is taught code of Hermes, summer 1191 he is given chores, fall 1191 he is taught magic lore, winter 1191 he is given chores. Spring and fall of 1192 as well as spring 1193 he is taught Latin, with chores in the intervening seasons.

I will let you know when I am done updating my character sheet

I have updated my character sheet on the wikidot.