Taste of the spices and herbs

How much is "a setting’s worth of food"?

From page 143

But the spell has an individual target so it's not appropriate to spread he spell over one a mass of food equal to a person. A setting is (I believe) the stuff in front of one person at a table, the food on their plate, in their glass(es) soup/salad bowls, on their bread dish and so on. I've heard the term used for just the dishes, cutlery, and drinking vessels (a place setting) so I'm not completely sure that it translates to food but I can't think of another likely meaning that the author could have intended by that word.


But if I (re)invented the spell or created an item with the effect I could actually make it apply for a whole pot without changing the level, right?

As a related question. I was looking for material that had a bonus for the effect, but was unable to find something that seems to match. I even looked at the collection PDF that lists shape and material from quite a lot of sources. Any idea and pointer for that?

Thanks, best

You mean you looked at this one? atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... yBonus.pdf or you are looking for it? (I made that, with help)

If you have access the fourth edition Wizard's Grimore it has a huge list.

I think that a soup pot qualifies as a container, and a container would give a +5 shape bonus to transform its contents

Yeah I meant that and looked at it already. Great work. Thanks for creating and sharing that.

I'll see if I can get a copy of that one.

That's good to know, but unfortunately doesn't fit the purpose quite well. I planned to make a charged item and hand it to someone else (who shouldn't be aware of the magic). Something that wears of or is consumed should not raise suspicion if it stops working (when it is gone), but a pot that makes a couple great meals and than no longer... I would be suspicious if I see that.

My question was more related to MuIm5 could affect roughly the mass of a human and have the effect of the spell (because base individual is of the size of a human body). It is only that the inventor of Taste of the spices and herbs deliberately chose to have a more limited effect. Is that understanding about right?

TMRE page 33 has Cinnamon, which is +4 Imaginem.