Tastheus ex Tytalus

updated through winter 1289-1290

Int 2 Per 1
Pre 2 Com 2
Str 0 Sta 1
Dex 1 Quick 1

Flaws: Dependants, deficient Muto, Ambitious, Gossip

Virtues: self confident, minor magical focus: wounds, puissent perdo, puissant corpus, flawless magic, improved characteristics x2, puissant intrigue, puissant charm


Langues d'Oil Norman 5 0
Artes Liberales Astrology 1 5
Athletics Dodging 1 5
Area Lore: Normandy History 1 5
Awareness Alertness 2 15
Bargain Magi 1 5
Charm Women 4 15
Code of Hermes Mundanes 2 16
Concentration Spells 1 5
Etiquette Magi 1 5
Faerie Lore Nobles 1 5
Finess Aiming 1 5
Folk Ken Magi 1 5
Great Weapon Staff 1 5
Guile Magi 1 5
Infernal Lore Curses 1 5
Intrigue Rumors 3 5
Latin Hermetic 4 50
Leadership Intimidation 1 5
Magic Lore Creatures 1 5
Magic Theory Spells 3 30
OoH Lore Personalities 1 5
Parma Magica Corpus 1 5
Penetration Ignem 1 5
Philosophiae Ritual Spells 1 5
Profession: Scribe Copying 1 5


Creo 0 0 Animal 0 0 Ignem 0 0
Muto 0 0 Aquum 0 0 Imaginem 0 0
Intelligo 0 0 Aurum 0 0 mentem 4 0
Rego 8 5 Corpus 9+3 5 Terram 2 0
Perdo 11 0 Herbem 0 0 Vim 0 0


Spell Name Arts Level
Touch of the Pearls InAq 5
Comfort of the Drenched Traveler PeAq 5
Cloak of the Duck's Feathers ReAq 5
Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu 5
Hunt for the Wild Herb InHe 5
Pass the Unyielding Portal MuHe 5
Cure of the Rotted Wood PeHe 5
Palm of Flame CrIg 5
Taste of the Spices and Herbs MuIm 5
Lamp Without Flame CrIg 10
Ward Against Rain PeAu 10
Bind Wound CrCo 10
Rise of the Feather Body ReCo 10
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope MuTe 10
Unseen Porter MuTe 10
Rope of Bronze MuHe 15
Touch of Midas CrTe 20

A young tytalus with a wife, a child, and a lot of ambition

Onward to development

My thoughts are:

-3 Dependants (Wife & Children)
-3 Deficient Muto (Tastheus's magic prefers destruction over change.)
-3 Ambitious
-1 Gossip
+1 Minor Magical Focus (Wounds)
+1 Affinity Perdo
+1 Affinity Corpus
+3 Flawless Magic (Not sure about this. Such a great virtue for any concept, but also expensive.)
+1*2 Improved Characteristics (Need some social characteristics and might change if we start with a higher characteristic spread from a HR.)
+1 Puissant Intrigue
+1 Puissant Charm
+1 Self Confident

+2 Intelligence
+2 Perception
+1 Stamina
+2 Presence
+2 Communication

So the basic concept is a Magus who can launch some nasty Perdo Corpus magic in the form of inflicting wounds in combat. Otherwise, is a sociable fellow who likes to talk, charm people into being his friend and using them in his schemes. I'm wondering if I should reconfigure the virtues to have Social Contacts (Order of Hermes) as well, from incessant letter writing as well.

A friendly suggestion from a fellow Tytalus, You might be better served taking Independent Study along with Flawless Magic. It not only improves your Adventure XP, but if you take a season to Practice a spell, you'll be getting 14 XP per season...

And higher Mastery on Perdo Corpus spells means you can utilize Multiple Casting to a vicious degree.

On a different note, I like how your Tytalus is so bad at Muto, while mine is likely to be quite bad at Perdo.

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Oh, I'm very aware of that potent combination, I'm just trying to design a rounded out character. The main hitch IMO is the need for Increased Characteristics.

no dependant (wife or child)?

With Puissant Intrigue, and Puissant Charm, you can make do with +1 in Presence and Communication, in my opinion, but it's your character.

Hmm. Would fit better than Tormenting Master. Changed!

and I see you went with gossip instead of a minor personality of lecherous...

Another angle for the flaws could be:
Ambitious -1
Lecherous -3
Dependants -3
Close Family Ties -1 (this is extra, I know.)
Deficient Muto -3

Tastheus is a scheming bigamist and has married multiple women and impregnated them... :wink:

Presumably he hasn't married multiple women at his gauntlet... (especially since this would also require the bigamist flaw)

Probably not, no. I'll stick with the current configuration.

Is that the one with lecherous and dependants?

Apologies for the ambiguity of the last post, I meant the larger post previously, with the configuration:

-3 Dependants (Wife & Children)
-3 Deficient Muto (Tastheus's magic prefers destruction over change.)
-3 Ambitious
-1 Gossip

I doubt the other players would enjoy a fellow PC's whose main goals revolve around lying to and manipulating young women to impregnate them. That's not exactly what I want to RP either. :wink:

Probably not, though you had mentioned taking lecherous earlier (presumably to ensure you would have many descendants) and I didn't know if you would want to swap gossip for a minor flaw in lecherous.

Ok, here is my latest version in a google document. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

The character looks good, translating it to the character post for this thread will be messy

Do you want character sheets translated to the forum?

Ok, the google document is up to date. Let me know if you want me to paste in the forum. Spells are now compliant with the house rules for spells.

Note, because of the Ambitious Flaw and youthful naivete, these ambitions in total are more than what is possible to achieve for a single magus.


  1. Become an Archmage
  2. Become a Hoplite
  3. Create a magical legacy with many children, whom hopefully some will be gifted.
  4. Become a Quaesitor

Political Ambitions:

  1. Develop a wide range of informants and information network within and outside of the Order. This will be a combination of personal friends, aqaintances, and other contacts... Essentially the "Social Contacts" virtue as a goal for both the Order, Local Nobility and Local Church. This also includes developing Agents using the rules in HoH:Societates.

  2. Train many loyal apprentices (who are prefereably his children or grandchildren or other descendant, but don't have to be) to build influence within the Order and enhance personal fame.

  3. Place non gifted children/descendants in positions of influence where possible.

Magical Ambitions:

  1. Developing or Purchasing Spells and Enchanted Items from the Wizard's War Chapter of Hermetic Projects
  2. Advanced Perdo Corpus Spells for inflicting wounds and killing people & animals outright. Includes Group versions, and variations for people larger than normal.
  3. Muto Corpus spells for increasing his body & equipment to Size +2 (so standard corpus spells can't target him.)
  4. Defensive spells (i.e. Quickly teleporting out of the way, more sophisticated forms of invisibility)
  5. Variants of intimidating spells (i.e. a Group version of Grip of the Choking Hand, with a Diameter duration)
  6. Improved Eyesight Spells (i.e. something like "Eyes of the Eagle-Cat" MuCo 15 (Base 2,+1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Additional effect, +1 Complexity, - allows the sight of an eagle with the darkvision of a cat.)
  7. A couple tracking spells or purchased enchanted items for finding fugitives (Inorexable Search, Intellego Vim effects etc)

apologies for taking so long, your google doc actually takes longer to process than a forum post since there is no history function
the biggest issue I see at this point is that you should have a total xp in abilities+arts+mastery of 360 points. You have 315 in abilities, 87 in arts, and 25 points in spell mastery, which totals to 374 points.