Teaching and corruption

RoP:I has "corrupted sources" of knowledge (e.g. Watchers, characters with the Corruption ability) that can teach Abilities so that they become "corrupted". Basically, if you use them for evil, you tend to get extra experience, otherwise you tend to lose it -- see RoP:I p.87).

What RoP:I is not clear about is if this corruption is "transmissible", so to speak. So if Alice the Watcher (or the Infernalist) has taught Bob a corrupted Carouse, and Bob has no other form of taint/supernatural power, when Bob teaches Carouse to Carola ... will she get a "normal" or corrupted Carouse? From the RAW it seems that Carola learns it "normal" (see the Corruption ability on p.91 for what seems necessary, to teach a corrupted ability) but I might be missing something, so I am asking :slight_smile:

Given that someone learning from a corrupted source will have a roll to avoid corruption, it would seem that someone who is not intentionally trying to spread the corruption would be even easier for someone to not be corrupted. As such I would have to assume that someone knowing a corrupted ability would teach the ability normally, not the corrupted version.